MIONEL: love at first sight!

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MIONEL: love at first sight! Empty MIONEL: love at first sight!

Post  I can't even believe it on Wed May 28, 2008 7:13 pm

Hi everyone! Here we could talk about the first time we fell in love with Mionel and the reasons why...

So why do you love Mionel? When did you become a Mionel fan? Question

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MIONEL: love at first sight! Empty I love She

Post  Saeshmea on Wed May 28, 2008 9:39 pm

That's a great idea, I'm glad to eplain you why I love their relationship!!!

Firstly, I felt in love with Martha Kent. I find her a perfect woman, a lovely wife and a sweet mom... first I thouht I would to have her as my mum, or to be like her... some time later I found out that I was in love with her... with she I found out my lesbianism... so... then I wanted to know more of those blue eyes, red hair, fair skin... her real name was Annette O'Toole, and she had played many other things... so I had to watch Superman III, It, Cat people and so many other films where she played many different caracters. I also watched some episodes from The Kennedys, The huntress, and, of course, Key Witness from Nash Bridges... She was amazing in all of them... She was always pretty...

So... why I love mionel? ... well... I find Martha a great caracter, and a great caracter can't be just the main caracter's mum... she had to be something else... she must a desired woman... and Lionel's love to her is what give that to Martha's caracter... they relationship is like Romeo & Juliet ones, because they are the opposites of the serie... the badness and the goodness... and why not, Lionel is an atractive man, too... so, it's just perfect... That's my reason to love this relationship...

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MIONEL: love at first sight! Empty Re: MIONEL: love at first sight!

Post  MarthaLuthor on Thu May 29, 2008 7:48 pm

Why I love Mionel.... my god, I really don't know!
First I always love Martha Kent, no... I always love Annette O'toole... because I hate Cynthia Ettinger...
Well, when I was so young I see AOT for the first time on IT, and she was the only woman! I loved Stephen King's stories and IT is my favoris! AOT is very beautiful and when I have always wanted to be like her.
When I saw her one Smallville, I was in love with Martha Kent ! LOL !!! no I'm laughing, don't worry...
And After I saw Nocturne and Insurgence, I don't why but I have hoped that Lionel kissed Martha when they was alone on the office.
Smallville, I saw the season 4 when Clark and Lionel changed their body, the hug between Martha and Lionel. MIONELLL!
I saw the season 5, fanatic : MIONELLLL
again season 5 : ALL of the episodes after Jonathan's dead : MIONEL !
Season 6 : Mionel !!!!!!!!!! ALMOST KISS!!!!!!
end of season six..... : cry.....
since the season two, I've always wanted to see a kiss and more between Martha and Lionel....

no I really don't know why I prefer Martha with Lionel than Jonathan!

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MIONEL: love at first sight! Empty Re: MIONEL: love at first sight!

Post  mionel.is.love on Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:14 am

kay well annette has been my favorite actress since i first started watching the show.
but i first fell in love with mionel during the 2nd season when she started working for him
and you could tell that he had a thing for her. even though she was married to johnathan,
lionel was more suited to her and they looked so cute together.
and then there was the fact that there was a very small chance of anything happening between them,
and if anything did it would be wrong because she was married and she was kinda innocent being clark kents mom. i like that the most about them. Razz

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MIONEL: love at first sight! Empty Re: MIONEL: love at first sight!

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