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Post  MarthaLuthor on Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:12 am


Martha Kent and Lois Lane were drinking a coffee together at the Talon. They loved spend time together. Martha and Lois always had been like mother and daughter or like best friends. Martha had told to Lois something’s she had never told to Clark… not a lot but Lois was a confidante for her. Lois had always admired Martha Kent; she had gone through a lot of horrible things: The death of Jonathan, never will pregnant… but Martha always has her warm smile, she was always been radiant with joy.

“Oh, I have nearly forgotten this…” Martha said as she searches in her bag something. “I found it!” Martha gives to Lois a little note. “I need your advice…”

“What is it?” Lois asks with a smile. “Still loving you from away” Lois reads the little paper.

“I had received this with a dozen of roses.”

“It’s not from me…” Lois laughs. “Lionel is gone for business?”

“No... What you ask me that?”

“Well, he can love you from away at this way…”


“What? It’s obvious he’s in love with you and… Oh my god… You haven’t already seen that?!”

“Lionel is a friend.”

“I’m not sure he just wanted to be a friend…”

“Sure he does!” Martha exclaims. “It’s him who’s gone when we almost… damn…” Martha put her hand on her mouth because she knows she had said too much.

“When you almost what?”

“Kissed…” Martha finally admits.

“Please explain me something… He had leave you just before kiss you? Why?!”

“I think he loves our friendship, I’m sure he doesn’t really want to begin a relationship with me…”

“I’m sure he believes it’s you who don’t want to begin a relationship with him.”

“You are very narrow- minded!”

“Maybe… Martha, do you want to be with Lionel?”

“Well… I don’t know.” Martha seems embarrassed and her cheeks are beginning red. “You really think… he can love me?”

“I have enough speak with you, blind woman!”

“But Lois, about the note?!” Martha shows her the paper which she had with the roses.

“Martha, you have a man who love you next to you and… he’s wealthy! What do you want more?!”

Lois and Martha smile to each other and Martha leave the Talon to regain her car and drive to the Farm.

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Post  MarthaLuthor on Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:07 pm


The morning was almost over, Martha was preparing something to eat for herself because Clark will not come back to the Farm today; he was so busy with Chloe to the Daily Planet.

“Did you like the roses?”

Martha instinctively turns around when she hears this mysterious voce behind her. The spoon which was in her hand falls down on the floor. A familiar face was looking to her. The man was smiling and he enters in the kitchen.

“Ethan?” Martha whispered.

He hasn’t changed his head still empty above but he had swapped his old daily sheriff uniform for an ordinary jean and shirt. Martha stays coagulate in front of the man who had tried to accuse her deceased husband for the murder attempt to Lionel Luthor instead him…

“What do you want?” Martha said with more hostility than she really wanted. “Why you aren’t in prison?”

“I had been release for good behaviour.” He still smiles like if nothing happened four years ago. “Martha, we can forget the past, I’m here now. Jonathan is gone, we can’t…”

“Get out of here!” Martha shouts at him because she begins to be upset.

“Jonathan had believed you were his friend and you have stabbed him in his back!”

“You hadn’t understood?”

“There was nothing to understand!”

“Martha…” Ethan walks closer to her and takes her hands but she thrusts him away. “I had believed if Jonathan was in prison and Luthor was death, we should finally be together.” Ethan continues.

“What… What that’s mean! Ethan you’re mad, leave me alone!”

“Alone in my cell, I have thought about us, about…”

“There isn’t an ‘us’…” Martha scolds.

“Martha…” Than seems hurt by her remark. “I had done this for you…”

“Excuse me?”

“I just love you... I couldn’t surmount the prison if it’s wasn’t for you…”

“You’re mad… get out of here…” Martha tries to not show her fear.


“NOW!” Martha shouts at him.

“Please forgive me…”

“No! Lionel almost dies because of you!”

“I see... I had always known it, if Jonathan will leave you… I was sure you will finish with this rot!” Ethan shouts at her. “I should finish what I have begun… Four years ago…”

Ethan doesn’t say anything more and leave the house. Martha tries to follow him.

“Finish what, Ethan!” Martha begins to cry.

Ethan doesn’t turns to her and goes in his car. Martha runs in her house and seizes the phone. She tries to call Lionel but he doesn’t replies. Martha let message in his ansafone.

“Lionel, its Martha. It’s very urgent; I need to talk to you! A man will try to kill you again!” Martha was panic-stricken.

Martha rings off and calls Clark, right now.


“Clark… Do you remember the old Sheriff Ethan?”

“Of course, why?”

“He came to me and I think he will try to kill Lionel, again.”

“How he had gone away from prison?” Clark said as he just arrives to the kitchen from Metropolis.

Both put their phone down and Martha takes her son in her arms. Clark knows she was close to Lionel Luthor, maybe it isn’t bad, after all... But he seems had a lot of problem and his mother is often implicate with it… But this time… it’s because of her, if Lionel will have problems.

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Post  MarthaLuthor on Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:16 am


Martha had just finish to explain everything to Clark when her phone ring, Martha watches at the little appliance. It was Lionel. She doesn’t lose more time and pick up.

“Martha?” Lionel seems worried. “Are you in the farm?”

“Yes Lionel, I was so frightened…”

“It’s ok… I’m coming.”


Lionel was here only some minutes after his call. Martha tells him for Ethan.

“Why this man absolutely wants me to die? It’s ridiculous…” Lionel was pacing up and down.

“I’m so sorry, Lionel…” Martha whispered.

“It’s not your fault.”

“It is Lionel…” Martha sits down on the sofa and tries to don’t look at him. “When he came to me… he said me why he had done that.”

“What do you mean Martha?” Lionel sits down next to her.

“He said he… it was for me he had done that…”

“For you? I don’t understand...”

“He’s in love with me and he believes if you and Jonathan are dead… he could be with me… Why he had chose me! There is a lot of woman like me in this world!”

“No… no there isn’t a lot of woman like you, Martha…” Lionel tells her with a smile which she gives him back. “But don’t worry; nothing will happen to you… or me.”

Martha takes a deep breathing and put her head on his shoulder. Lionel gets a little surprised by this but doesn’t say anything.


It was the end of the afternoon at the Farm and Martha finds herself alone, again. Clark had gone back to the Daily Planet and Lionel had work. She was drinking a tea and watching the news at the T.V.
Martha decided to have a shower she begins to walks to the stairs but she sees a little black notebook on a little table. She takes it.

“It’s Lionel’s notebook…” She thinks and she put it back on the table before go upstairs.

She had perfectly folded her cloths on her bed and go in the bath room. Martha draws the curtain of the shower after her. She switches on the faucets with a very hot water. A steam begins to rise into the room.
She closes her eyes and lets the water slides alone her naked skin.
A little noise reaches Martha. She instinctively opens her eyes but she believes she had dream about this. She hears another noise: gratings. Martha tries to hear something else… A breathing… She was hearing breathing behind the curtain. She moves back and sticks herself against the wall behind her. She begins to move her hand to the curtain to opens it but suddenly somebody draw the curtain and opens it. Martha screams as she sees Ethan in front of her and tries to hides her generous breasts with her arms. Ethan begins to walks closer to her but Martha thrusts him, Ethan begins to falls back but he catches her wrist and draw Martha in his fall. She holds back herself to the curtain but she tears off it and falls with Ethan on the floor. Martha’s head violently hits the floor and starts to bleed. Her sight cloud and Martha falls unconscious. He looks at her and slides his finger alone her cheek and her chin… and Ethan couldn’t prevent his two hands discover the naked skin…


Lionel returns to the farm because he had forgotten his notebook. He knocks at the backdoor but nobody replies. Lionel was sure there was sure Martha was here because her car was here and there was light in the house. Lionel knocks again.

“Martha?” Lionel calls. “Are you here?”

Lionel sees the door was almost open. Lionel comes into the kitchen and notices his notebook on a table. He takes it but hears somebody runs in the stairs, Lionel turns around and sees a strange man getting out from the bath room.

“Hey!” Lionel shouts at him. “How are you, what are you doing here!?”

Ethan doesn’t replies and hurls on his to punch him. Ethan wanted to beat him again but Lionel gives him a punch with his elbow in his face. Ethan’s nose was bleeding.

“I will kill you, Luthor!” Ethan shouts at him before leave.

Lionel runs to the bath room and sees Martha elongated on the floor.

“God, Martha!”

He kneels down next to her and covers her with curtain. Martha opens her eyes.

“Martha? Do you hear me?”

Martha looks at him a moment and try to find again her spirits and she starts when she remember what’s happened.

“Where is he? Where is Ethan?!” Martha begins to be frightened.

“It was Ethan!” Lionel exclaims. “It’s over Martha, he’s gone.”

Martha begins to cry and Lionel draws her against him and rolls up his arms around her.

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Post  MarthaLuthor on Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:27 pm


Martha was coming in the kitchen; she had just slip on some clothes. Her head was terribly hurting her. Lionel was making a tea for her. As he saw her, Lionel takes her hand and draw to the sofa.

“You should have a rest Martha…” He said. “I will try to treat this.”

“It’s okay, Lionel” Martha replies with a smile. “I’m fine.”

Lionel leaves her a short moment and comes back to her with bandages and cottons. Lionel begins to tap around her injury to take away the blood.

“It’s nice to you…” Martha whispered. “But I can do it myself... Aooch!”

“I’m so sorry, did I hurt you?” Lionel worried.

“It’s okay…”

Lionel comes closer and continues to clean her injury. Martha feels his breath on her nose. Her eyes go on his lips and Martha begins to feels the butterfly in her stomach. Lionel licks his lips and she desperately wanted to kiss them. Lionel hears Martha breathing harder.

“You’re okay?” He asks.

“Y-yes… I, I just hum… feeling a little feverish.”

Lionel put his head on her forehead and Martha feels strange. She slide her hand on his own.

“You’re not seemed very hot…” Lionel said.

Get away from me or I will be…” Martha thinks as she smiles and closes her eyes to let herself imagine a different version of this scene.

“Maybe you want to go to sleep, I can leave.”

“No! …I mean… You don’t want to stay here, I… I’m very afraid, Lionel… He can come back… please…” Martha pleases him.

“I understand… I will stay here until Clark comes back.”

“He will be here tomorrow…” Martha replies with a bigger smile… and Lionel notices it.

“Martha? Why you still smiling if you are frightened?” Lionel was smiling too, now.

Martha doesn’t find what reply she just laughs a little and curls up in Lionel’s arms.

“Oh…” Lionel still smiling too and rolls up his arms around her.

Out, the rain hammering the windows, the sky was really dark and just the little house were light up. Martha and Lionel were in front of the fire-place, smiling to each other. A man was out under the rain looking at them with an imminent rage.

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Post  MarthaLuthor on Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:51 pm


There was a heavy silence were just the crackling of the fire were audible. Martha takes Lionel’s hand and cross her fingers with his own. With his free hand he sweetly fondles her still wet hair.

“Lionel?” Martha whispered with a malicious smile. “Do you love me?”

Lionel didn’t reply and Martha looks at him. Lionel tries to look away from into her eyes. Martha loses her smile, Lois was wrong… Maybe Lionel just wants to be her friend… nothing else.

“Oh…” Martha breathed. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t ask you this…”

“It’s okay, Martha…” Lionel replies with a quavering voce. “I can reply… but… I love our friendship Martha… I…”

“You right… It’s better if we are friend and… nothing more.”


Martha looks away from him and tries to stop tears whose were coming to her eyes.

“What did you want me to say?” Lionel begins to hope she feels the same feelings than him. “I didn’t want to reply because I don’t want to lie to you, Martha…”

“What would be the thrush?” Martha said but she still doesn’t looking at him.

Lionel put his hand on her cheek and makes she turns to him. Neither Martha not Lionel knows who leaned first but their lips were very close. Martha couldn’t believe it could happen… since Thanksgiving, Martha never stops to think to what could happen if he didn’t leave. His lips hit hers but they didn’t to be faster to not spoil this magic instant. Martha move a little and lightly press his lips. It was too clumsy but too sweet. Lionel finally draws her on him with his arm around her slim waist. They were going to share a unique kiss but the door suddenly opens and they hear somebody runs to them. Lionel thrusts Martha on the sofa and stands up to stops Ethan. The man having a long blackjack and begins to beats Lionel with it.

“Lionel!” Martha screams.

She tries to takes away Ethan to him but he slaps her. Lionel become crazy as he sees Martha falls down on the floor. He violently punches Ethan but a short moment after the old sheriff beat him on his head with the blackjack. Lionel faint and fall down too.

“…Lionel…” Martha whispered.

Ethan was going to bit Lionel again to a mortal blow but he hears a car coming. He takes Martha by her arms and runs out where was his car, behind the house.

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Post  MarthaLuthor on Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:16 am


Ethan was drawing Martha out of his car; they were in a dark place. It’s still raining. Ethan and Martha come in a little house and Ethan thrusts her on the floor before close the door.

“How can you do this to me, Martha?!” Ethan shouts.

“I did nothing… because of you.” Martha replies.

“Do you know who Lionel Luthor is?! I’ve just saved you!”

“Lionel isn’t the man who led me in a strange place against my chose! He isn’t a mad man!”

“But I love you…”

“And I love him! Only him!”

Ethan kneels next to her and put his hand on her cheek she push back it but Ethan catch by her shoulders and kisses her. He takes her hands and draws her next to a heater and attaches her wrists with handcuffs to a pipe.

“Let me go! Prick!”


The day after Clark was comes back to the Daily Planet, he calls for his mum but he just her somebody groans on the floor. Clark helps Lionel to stand up.

“Are you okay?” Clark worried. “Where is my mum?!”

Lionel exclaims to Clark how Ethan comes and how he takes Martha.

“He seems too angry to me and Martha… We didn’t know what to do, I’m sorry Clark.”

“It’s fine, I will find her.” Clark replies. “Why would he be angry to you and my mum?!”

“Huh… well I don’t know…” Lionel lies.


Martha didn’t sleep all the night her arms were benumbed and she wasn’t feeling her hands. Ethan had leave some moment her and comes back with a bag with food.

“Do you hungry?” He asks.

“…no…” She replies with scorn. “Why you are this horrible man, nom?! You were so nice, before!”

“But you love the bad guys, Martha…” Ethan smiles. “I remember Jonathan was a boss of a gang in at school… He never missed an occasion to humiliate the poor guys… poor guys like me.”

“So you didn’t change? You still stupid!”

“…shut up…”

“Detach my hands!”


Martha begins to draw her hands and move her arms to make nose with her handcuffs and the pipe. Ethan didn’t say anything more, he just looks at her.


Clark and Lionel were speaking in the kitchen when Martha’s phone rings. Clark takes it, it was Lois, he replies.

“Lois, It’s Clark, have you see my mum?”

“Smallville? No, I didn’t see her, we had to meet this morning but she didn’t come… and why it’s you who replies at her phone!”

“A man kept her, yesterday evening.”


“We don’t know where she is.”

“WHO?!” Lois begins to be worried.

“A man who call Ethan, our old Sheriff before Sheriff Adams.”

“The man who tries to make Jonathan goes in prison?”

“You know him?!”

“No your mother has already told me for him.” Lois replies. “I have to go, Smallville, inform me when you have something new about this!”

Lois rings off.

“Hey, you were talking about the old Sheriff Ethan?” Lana asks, just behind Lois.

“Hum… Yes.”

“I saw him, yesterday.”

“Yesterday! When?!”

“He was with Mrs. Kent.” Lana replies as she begins to remember the night before.


“Let-me-GO!” Martha shouts. “Why you don’t say anything?! Is it your new game! ETHAN!”

Martha was out of breath, she was looking at him with a murderous look. He was looking at her too as he was eating. Martha continues to make nose with the pipe.

“Stop it… It makes me annoyed.”

Martha continues and makes more noses. Ethan walks to her and violently slapped her. He takes her by her neck.

“I didn’t you was like this… yes Martha Kent, you’re just a bitch!”

Martha slips at his face. Ethan clenches his hand around her neck and stands up.

“You want to play with me?!” Ethan gets upsets. “You win…”

Ethan begins to remove his belt and pants. Martha looks at him as he does it and begins to cry and shout. She desperately tries to draw her hands away from the pip. Ethan tears off the buttons of her chemise and kisses her neck. Martha feels his hands lift his skirt and his tongue slide behind her hear.


Lois goes to the farm with Lana. She knocks at the door and Lionel opens.

“Mr. Luthor? What… Where is Clark?” Lois said.

“He tries to find Martha… What do you want?”

“I think I know where Ethan keeps her.” Lana finally announced.

Lionel looks at her a moment and Lana begins to explain hat she had see the day before.

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  MarthaLuthor on Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:42 am


Ethan was very close to her and he sticks his lips against hers. His hands were sliding on her thighs, savagely scratching the skin. One of his vile hands goes to her bosom and violently presses it. Martha screams with suffering and she strikes him between his legs with her knee. Ethan moves away to her and she hits him again in his face. Our senator was so panicked and she was trying to keep him away from her.


Lionel just has call Clark and he was here just some minutes after. He’s surprised to see Lois and Lana with Lionel. Clark questions Lionel with his eyes.

“Lana thinks she knows where Ethan takes Martha away.” Lionel declares.

“I saw him yesterday. He was with your mum.”

“Where? Lana we can lose more time!” Clark exclaims.

“I was driving to the Luthor’s mansion and I saw him draw your mum away from his car. I was driving in a dark place; it’s a short cut to go to the mansion.”

“Are you talking about the little path which drives to the bridge?”


“Let’s go, now!” Lionel cuts her as he runs away from the house.


Ethan rises up with difficulty. He takes the long blackjack which stuns Lionel and walks to Martha. He lifts it up above his head. Martha screams and protects her head with her arms… but it was suddenly the dark.
He had beats her with it. A long wound was crossing her face from her forehead to her cheek. Ethan let the blackjack falls on the floor. He looks at her a moment and he kneels next to her. He takes a lock of her hair away from her bleeding face. He carries off the handcuffs to her and draws her on his bed. Ethan stay in front of her and he begins to remove his shirt.


Lois and Lionel car just arrived to the little bridge. Clark and Lionel go away from the limo, Lois and Lana follow them.

“Where they can to be!?” Lois whispered.

Clark looks around him and use to his X-ray power. There were a lot of trailers and some little houses. Clark notices an old house hidden behind a lot of bushes and trees. Clark dashes to it and look inside with his power. A motionless red hair woman on a bed and a man who begins to sit astride on her.

“I’m sure they’re here!” Clark shouts to Lionel and the girls.

The future Superman breaks the door and runs inside the house. Lionel follows him. Clark catches Ethan by his shoulders and throws him across the room.

“Clark, how did you…” Ethan whispered.

Lionel takes away his jacket and put it on Martha… but he sees the injury in her face. He turns round to Ethan, furious. Clark comes back to his mother.

“Why… Son of the bitch…” Lionel stutters with rage as he walks to Ethan.

“Please…” Ethan breathed.

Lois and Lana enter in the room but they could do anything. Clark takes his mother in his arms and he finally opens her eyes.

“Clark, sweetheart…” Martha grimaced because her injury.

Lionel takes Ethan by his neck and violently punches him. Lana startles and takes her phone to calls the police. Lionel punches him again and Lois tries to draw him away from Ethan. Martha sees it. Lionel was so furious and he was going to hit him again and again. She move away from Clark and walks to Lionel. He sees her and let Ethan. Lionel finally folds her in his arms and could stop the tears coming and slide on her cheeks. Lionel draws her out.
The police will not take a lot of takes to come. They take Ethan and a policeman wanted to speak with Martha. Lionel stops him and explain, they will send a letter for explain everything because Martha need to have a rest.

Lana goes back to the Talon which was near to there. Clark, Lionel, Lois and Martha go back to the Farm after a ambulance man takes care about her injury.


Clark takes a tea to Martha. Lionel was sits next to her in the sofa. Clark sits on the other side of Martha. Lois was kneels before Martha and was holding her hand.

“Thanks, Clark.” Martha replies as she tries to smile to relieve them.

Martha feels Lionel puts his arms around her shoulders and Lois’s hand holds hers own a little harder.

“I’m fine guys…” She whispered but she has a sore throat.

They were looking at her but she doesn’t say anything more. Lionel’s hand was sweetly rubbing her back.

“Please, say something and stop to comfort me because… I try to seem strong but if you continue, I…”

“You will crack?”

Martha gives a sign with her head and Lois let her hand and Lionel moves away from her.

“Thanks… It was nice to you but… let me just forget Ethan…”

“We understand.” Lois smiles a little as she stands up.

She goes in the kitchen and Clark follows her.

“I know she’s strong, Smallville but... You know since your father’s death… She didn’t have just one man… she was going to move on but with this louse… I’m not sure she wills thrush again a man soon…” Lois said as she put her hand in Clark’s shoulder. “Your mother and I are very close… no, she’s the mother I’ve never have.”

“I know, Lois… She really like too…”

“… Do you thrush, Lionel?”


“He really takes care about her, Clark… Martha told me something she couldn’t tell you.”

“Like what?”

“Her feelings toward Lionel.”


“Please, listen to me, Clark… It’s really bad to me to tell you this, because it was supposed to be secret…”

“I know, Lois… and I understand why you say me this… but I’m not sure we can thrush Lionel…”


Clark looks into Lois eyes and he decides to give a chance to Lionel.


“You will be fine?” Lionel asks as he stands up and looks at Martha. “Do you want something? Another cup of tea?”

“No Lionel… thanks…”

Martha stands up too and walks just in front of Lionel. She puts her head on his shoulder.

“You’re alright?” Lionel worried.

“Yes, I am, Lionel, don’t worry.” She smiles a little.

“I’m sorry to be protective with but… I couldn’t forget me if anything happen to you…” Lionel replies as he surrounds Martha with his arms and sweetly makes her sway.

Lois and Clark were going to comes back in the living room but they see Martha in Lionel’s arms. Lois draws Clark out.

“We should let them, alone, don’t you think?” Lois said with a smile.

“Do you want to go in my barn?” Clark asks as he smiles back to Lois.

“Good idea…”

Lionel and Martha were still embraced. Martha looks into his eyes a moment and put a quick and little kiss on his lips. Lionel sees her blushing. She smiles and Lionel couldn’t resist to her lovely lips. He slides his lips against hers. She passes her hand in his hair and comes closer to him if it was possible. Martha feels his tongue licks her lips, she opens her mouth and let him passionately kisses her. Martha broke the kiss for breath. Lionel slides a finger from her neck to her shoulder and rolls it around a red hair lock.

“I had asked me if I love you, Martha…” He murmured.

“…and…?” Martha whispered and smiles.

“Who couldn’t be in love with you, Martha Kent? …I can’t stop to love you…”

“Why you didn’t kiss me at Thanksgiving?”


“No don’t reply, just kiss me again… We had lost enough time... I love you so much, Lionel…”

Lionel put his lips against hers again and kisses her with all his soul. He was savouring the lips whose he had always desired. She loves him, he couldn’t believe it. The time passed and Lionel lost his hopes but… she was implored him to kiss her. Lionel broke the kiss again and looks at her… during one second; he believes see an angel…



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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty A new solitude...

Post  MarthaLuthor on Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:23 pm

Chapter 1

Lionel just arrived to the Kent Farm. Martha had returning from Washington the day before. Lionel walks to the backdoor with a big bunch of beautiful roses. He knocks but nobody replies to him. The sun was reflected on the window of the door, so Lionel couldn’t see inside. He comes closer to the door and put his hand above his eyes against the window to tries to see anything nevertheless. The little house seems deserted. The billionaire was going to leave when he notices two long legs on the floor surpass an angle of a wall. Lionel recognizes Martha’s legs and runs inside the kitchen. She was lying on the floor, unconscious. Lionel throw the flowers and kneels next to her, he raises her head. She opens her eyes and watches at him.

“Lionel?” She whispered. “What’s happened?”

“I don’t know, I think you had faint…” Lionel replies as he helps her to sits down.

Martha was shaking and her hands were very cold. Lionel put his long black coat on her shoulders and rolls his arms around her to keep warn her.

“I will be fine, Lionel” She tries to smiles. “I was tired and after a travel in plane, I’m always feeling sick… it’s nothing, Lionel.”

“You had faint, it isn’t nothing.” Lionel worried.

Martha didn’t replies and she notices the bunch on the floor which Lionel had throw before.

“They were for me?” Martha asks and Lionel smiles.

“It was for your return.”

“They’re very wonderful… I will put them in water but now help me to stand up…” Martha said.

“No, don’t move, we should calls a doctor.”

“No, Lionel.” Martha gets irritated. “I told you, I will be fine!”

Lionel finally helps her to stands up but she wobbles and Lionel quickly rolls his arm behind her shoulder to keep her up.

“Thank you…” Martha blushed.

“What will you do without me…” Lionel laughs a little and helps Martha to sits down on a chair.

“It’s almost midday; do you want to stay here for lunch?” Martha asks. “Clark will be here soon.”


Martha was right, Clark was returning just ten minutes after. They lunch together. Lionel didn’t say anything to Clark about what’s happened before he came; Martha had please Lionel to not tell it to her son. Lionel leaved them when he finished eating after promise to Martha to be there for the evening.

Lionel had kept his promise, at 20 o’clock; the black and luxurious limousine was parking in the yard of the house.
Clark was in his room reading one of his books while Martha and Lionel were drinking a coffee together. Lionel spends all time to compliment Martha for all the things she did at Washington for the Kansas.

“A lot of things happened during my absence… and you had continues to changed, Lionel… you…”

“Changed? It’s good or bad?” Lionel smiles.

“Good!” She quickly replies. There is a long silence where Lionel takes her hand. “I miss you, Lionel…”

“So do I… but I couldn’t hinder you to go to Washington, to hinder you to not do all of these great things…”

Martha smiles to him; Lionel looks at their hands and interlaces his fingers with hers. He sees a little injury which seems to a burn on her wrist.

“What is it?” He asks.

“What is what?”

“This, on your wrist.”

Martha looks at her hand, and sees Lionel’ hand hold hers. She hadn’t fell him takes her hand. Lionel pull up the sleeve of her jacket, the injury continues along her arm.

“Oh my god…” Martha whispered.

“You don’t what is that?” Lionel worried.

“Of course I know what it is… Clark! Son comes on, please!”

Clark arrives after one second, running in the kitchen.

“What’s happening?” He asks.

Martha stands up and gives her arm to Clark. Her son looks at this. His face become frightened and he fold Martha in his arms.

“It’s can’t be possible, mum, Brainiac is dead, I must to be over!”

“What’s going on? What’s happening to Martha?” Lionel worried.

“I will try to speak with Jor-El, don’t worry, mum… I will save you… again.” Clark feels tears slide on his cheeks and he leave them.

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  MarthaLuthor on Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:33 pm


“Martha?” Lionel whispers.

She looks at him; the habitual twinkling in her eyes had disappeared replace with the fear. He walks closer to her and takes her hands.

“There a connection with this morning, when you’ve faint?”

She just nods her head and release Lionel’s hands to turn round. She doesn’t say anything, she just moves to the leaving room. Lionel follows her. She suddenly immobilizes and flattens her hand on her breast.

“Are you alright?” Lionel worried.

She was trying to breath but she couldn’t. Lionel runs next to her as she falls down on the floor.


Lionel takes her in his arms. He wanted to call an ambulance but she takes his hand.

“Kryptonite… in a drawer… kitchen…” She difficulty says. “Give me the… kryp…”

She closes her eyes but all of her body begins to violently shake and she drives her nails in the floor. Lionel leaves her and runs in the kitchen, he opens the entire drawers and finally find a little box where was a meteorite. He comes back to her and kneels next to her. He puts the kryptonite in her forehead. Slowly her body stops to shake and she hardly breath. Lionel lifts her up and draws her in the sofa. He puts a cover on her and sweetly caresses her cheek.


Clark was surprised, Jor-El replies to him and explain to his son what’s happening.
Zod had attacked Martha…
Zod had attacked Martha because he know just Clark was able to make him escape from the ghost place. If Clark doesn’t help him, Zod will kill Martha.
Zod will kill Martha.

Clark doesn’t know what he was supposed to do but a black crystal begins to flutters in front of him.

“If I use to this, a crossing will be opened, Zod will be free… my mum will live again.”

“Don’t do this, son.” Jor-El said.

But it was too late Clark just have drive the crystal between the other.

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  I can't even believe it on Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:25 pm

Hi, I'm back again! I have no excuse, but sorry, sorry, sorry for being sooo late! Crying or Very sad

Vision of Death

I loved how he tried everything to protect her, how he would sacrifice himself for her, that's exactly what Mionel means.. his love is strong, desperate, invincible... he need this love, he can't live w/o it because Martha is his redemption...

What an nice, cute and awesome story! Loved it! I love you And the final love moment is even better! Great! bounce

Still loving you from away...

Lionel put his lips against hers again and kisses her with all his soul. He was savouring the lips whose he had always desired. She loves him, he couldn’t believe it. The time passed and Lionel lost his hopes but… she was implored him to kiss her. Lionel broke the kiss again and looks at her… during one second; he believes see an angel…

First, I have to say that's the kind of wonderful happy ending I LOVE to read about! cyclops
I'd never stand Ethan, I hated his character, Evil or Very Mad so in some way he had what he deserved! Good work, Lion! Wink lol!

A new solitude...

I think it's a shame that Lionel didn't appear at all with Martha in the episode Solitude! I wondered what if Lionel knew how Martha was... it would have been interesting! Anyway your "A new solitude" is started very well, I love LOVE a lot how Lionel take care of her when she felt ill... it's so touching! Sad

I really wanna know how this story will go on, plz, I need to know, especially because Clark used the crystal!

I can't even believe it

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  MarthaLuthor on Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:36 pm


I there!
Sorry, There is a long time I haven't write something!



His voce is faint and quavering but a little smile appears in his face when he sees her. He feels her hand holding his own and he forgets the dolor of his injuries.


She gives him a smile too and a tear slide along her cheek. She has always think he’s not as strong as her son, but enough strong to not get hurt… It was so hard to see him in this hospital bed.

“Do you need a doctor?” Martha asks as she stands up.

He moves his hand to say no and asks her to stay. She draws her chair closer to the bed.

“I’m glad… you came…” Lionel whispers.

“How I couldn’t… Are you sure you’re okay maybe…”

“Martha… I just… need… to talk… to be… with you…”

“I shouldn’t be here… Your doctor just let me some time alone with you…”

“It was… nice… what you… you said…” He tries to articulate. “Thanks you…”

“Shut…” Martha put her hand in his arm. “You should have a rest… I’m sorry, Lionel…”

“For what?”

“If I would accept your invitation to go with you at Kansas City yesterday…. You will not be here right now.”

“What… what do you mean?”

“I promise, when you will be out of this… I will spend a whole day just with you… I was so afraid, Lionel…”

Her hand witch was in his arm slide to his cheek.

“During a moment… Doctors have thought you…” Her shoulders begin to shake and she burst into tears.


“You know… I have thought about Th…”

Suddenly, somebody opens the door.

“I’m sorry Senator but he need to have rest.”

“I understand…” Martha said as she stands up and releases Lionel’s hand.

Martha begins to walk to the door but just before to pass over the door, she turns round and comes back to Lionel. She let a little and sweet kisses in his forehead and she leaves the room. Lionel closes his eyes smiles as he engraves in his memory the feeling to her lips touching his skin.

Martha bows the doctor and begins to walk in the corridor when she meets Lana.

“Mrs. Kent… I’m happy to see you.”

Martha smiles and folds Lana in her arms.

“I’m glad you came… There is anything about Lex?”

“Not yet…” Lana replies with a little smile.

“I can’t imagine what’s going on in your mind but I know that mean a lot for Lionel that you’re here.”

“Yeah… Maybe some tea will calm my nerves…”

“Let me go I will go out some time…”

Martha leaves and Lana go to speak with the doctor…

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  Saeshmea on Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:43 pm

so sweet! I love Martha's words!!

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  I can't even believe it on Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:19 pm

You know, I was right wondering when you were going to post another fic... And more I thought that the other one about the new solitude wasn't right end at that point... my mistake!

Anyway... this post is so sweet and touching! My favorite part is when she kissed his forehead... so cute!!! Wink

I can't even believe it

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  MarthaLuthor on Sat Oct 11, 2008 12:31 am

2nd part

Some days later…

“I think you know what that’s mean -to be a Luthor-” Lionel say.

Lana Luthor looks at the man who’s lying in the hospital bed and turns round to leave the room but when she begins to walk in the corridor, she runs into Martha Kent… again. She’s always here. To see this man… everybody knows she likes him… she really likes him. Lana smiles to her and let her along with Lionel.

“Martha.” Lionel gives her a bigger smile than Lana when he sees her coming to him.

“I see you’re better…” She says as she closes the door.

“Yes. It’s nice to know to come see me.”

“It’s granted.” She smiles and walks closer to him.

There is a silence and Lionel move a little to let Martha sits down next to him on the bed. She put her bag down and looks at him.

“Do you think I’ve changed?” Lionel whispered as he takes her hand.

“You have… but I’m sure this Lionel has always been there… I mean you have broken your emotionless shield and now I can see a real good man.”

Lionel kisses her hand, he was sure she doesn’t imagine how her words have touched him.

“Thank you…”

Lionel draws himself up to be at the same height than Martha.

“So you have thought about what?” Lionel asks with a malicious smile.

“Excuse me?”

“The last time you came, you were going to tell me something but… the doctor came.”

“Oh…” Martha looks down and blushes. “I wanted to say Thanksgiving…” She looks into his eyes. “I’m sure it wasn’t an error… I mean, deeply inside me… I’m sure I would be happy if what’s not happened… happened!” She laughs a little.

“You mean apart of you wanted me to kiss you?”

She doesn’t reply and looks down again and she just nods the head.

“So… a part of you… have some feelings for me?” Lionel asks as he feels his heart bit hardly.


Lionel releases her hands and doesn’t say anything more… he couldn’t believe during one minute, he had think there was any chance that she could love him. He was wrong again…

“There isn’t just one part of me who love you…” Martha says and smiles before to continue: “I’m just… totally in love with you.”

Martha put her hand under his chin and come closer to him. Her lips brush his and their breath merge together. Lionel rolls up his arms around her and draws her against him… then he finally relishes her lips. The kiss was short but magic. Lionel looks into Martha’s eyes and a blissful kiss appears in his face. Martha laughs a little.

“How do you do this?” She asks.

“Do what?”

“You’re looking at me like if it was the first time…”

“It’s the first time I live a day as wonderful as this one… May I kiss you again?”

She smiles and they kiss one more time… But this time is such better, more lovely. It’s longer. They share all of the love which has been imprisoned inside them since a very long time.

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MarthaLuthor's fic - Page 4 Empty Re: MarthaLuthor's fic

Post  I can't even believe it on Sat Oct 11, 2008 4:29 pm

When Martha said "No"... I thought "What?! Is it a joke?"

Beautiful part!!! I love you I love you

I can't even believe it

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