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The other family - 6 - calling Lionel

Post  Saeshmea on Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:22 pm

Three days before the wedding Bree was going to Susan’s to help her in the kitchen, when she found Martha in her garden.
Bree: Hey! I will start to get jealous of your rosebush, it’s growing really beautiful – she laughed.
Martha: Thanks Bree, but it’s not as perfect as yours – she smiled sweetly.
Bree: So… when will he come? I really want to meet that man who puts you as nervous.
Martha: He’s not coming.
Bree (surprised): He stood you up!
Martha: No! – she rolled her eyes – He didn’t… he don’t… I don’t…
Bree: Haven’t you called him yet!?
Martha: No. And I will not.
Bree: Why? That’s what you want… why can’t you understand it?
Martha: It’s just that… I can’t! It’s too early…
Bree: No! It’s not! And if you don’t make this step now, it will be too late, soon!

Some hours later Bree was looking Martha’s house from her window, her other three friends where behind her.
Bree: Ok, girls, she’s going in, remember the plan, and… let’s go!
Gabrielle and Susan went out of Bree’s and went to Martha’s house. They knocked the door and she opened it.
Martha: Hi girls! What’s the matter?
Susan: Hello Martha. I… We…
Gabrielle: We have a problem.
Martha: What is it?
Gabrielle: Is my wedding – she started to play as if she was crying.
Susan: Right! She have problems with the wedding.
Martha: That’s too bad. How can I help you?
Gabrielle: Come with us!
Susan and Gaby hold one hand of Martha each one, and took her out from her house.
When Bree couldn’t see them from her window, she and Lynette left and went to Martha’s.
Lynette: Don’t you really think that we are trying to invade her intimacy?
Bree: I don’t. Come on! We’re just helping a friend to find the love again.
Lynette: Great! Let’s go!
They knocked the door. Clark opened it.
Clark: Hi! Sorry but… my mum isn’t home.
Bree: We know. We came to talk with you.
Clark: With me?!

They went to the kitchen and they talked while Bree prepared the coffee.
Clark: So… you want me to give you Lionel’s telephone number because you want to ring him to ask him to come because you know that my mother wants him to be here, but she’s scared of calling him.
Bree: Right.
Clark: But I can’t do that. It’s my mum’s life.
Lynette: Sure, but sometimes we need a little push to continue on the right way.
Bree: And if we don’t help her now, she will stay the rest of her life alone, remembering those great twenty years that she spent with your father, and trying to imagine how her life could be if she had married this Lionel.
Lynette: Wow! I mean… she’s right. Do you want this for your mother?
Clark: Of course I don’t, but…
Bree: So… the number is…
Bree had taken out a telephone notebook and a pen.

Some time later Bree and Lynette went out of the house with the telephone number. When they opened the door they found Martha going in.
Martha: Hey girls. What were you doing here?
Bree: We came for a visit…
Lynette: You have a really nice son…
Martha: Thanks. Don’t you stay?
Bree: No. It’s late. See you later!

The four friends met again at Bree’s living room. They sat down while she dialed the number.
Lionel: Hi?
Bree: Hello, it’s Bree Hodge, I’m looking for Lionel Luthor.
Lionel: It’s me. Do we know each other?
Bree: No exactly. You don’t know me yet, but I know about you. I’m a Martha’s friend, from Faiview.
Lionel: A Martha’s friend… is she ok? He anything happened to her?
Bree: Oh! How sweet… she’s fine… it’s just that I have been talking with her and she miss you a lot.
Lionel: What?
Bree: She wants to ask you to go to the wedding together.
Lionel: Why isn’t she who call me?
Bree: Because she’s scared of what can happen… but she really want, I promise, she have told me that she wants you here.
Lionel: So… are you saying me that I have to go there?
Bree: No. I’m saying you that your woman is missing you a lot… what you do or not about this is you business… I just help a little.
Lionel: Ok. Thanks.
Bree: It was a pleasure. Bye!

Lionel put down the phone thinking on how crazy had that call been, and then he went out of his office and took his limousine.


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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:48 pm

great..... It will be fun after....

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Thu Jul 24, 2008 9:41 pm

~ The Wedding day ~

Martha and Clark come together. Clark wears a man’s suit without tie and Martha has a beautiful white dress which discontinue above her knees. Gaby and her bridesmaids weren’t already here. Martha and her son sit down on the chair in front of Victor who’s waiting for the beginning of the wedding. A moment after, everybody was here and Gabrielle was walking to Victor. Him and his new wife exchange their ring and kiss each other.

After the ceremony, Bree, Lynette and Susan rejoin Clark.

“He’s not here?” Bree asks.

“Not yet.” Clark replies just before Martha comes to them.

“Hi everybody!” Martha said with a large smile.

“Hi Martha.” The three bridesmaids said together.

“Gabrielle was so beautiful, I never saw a bride as beautiful as her.”

“It’s our Gaby.” Susan replies.

Clark gives a little punch on Bree’s arm. Martha doesn’t see it and Clark murmur to Bree.

“He’s here!”


“Something is wrong?” Martha asks when she saw Bree look everywhere around her.

“Nothing! I was… looking for someone.” She replies with her traditional smile.


Martha turns around when she hears a familiar voce behind her. Lionel was just here.

“Lionel! W-What are you doing here?”

“Well huh… Your friend calls me.”

Martha turn to Bree, Lynette and Susan, they were smiling very stupidly.

“How did you…” Martha starts but she smile to Lionel.

Bree, Lynette and Susan see Gaby with Victor and they discreetly go to her.

“Everything is okay?” Lionel asks.

“Of course! Do you want to drink anything?

“Why not…”

“Clark can I ask you something?”

“Well… no!” Clark replies with a smile before let her with Lionel.

Martha and Lionel speak together a moment and Martha sees Lynette with Tom.

“Can I let you a moment?” Martha asks.

“Of course!”

Martha walks to Lynette.

“Hi Tom. Lynette can I talk to you a moment?”

“Hi Mrs. Kent. I will let you alone, don’t worry.” Tom replies before leave them.

“Lynette… Who calls Lionel?”

“You son give us his number.”

“Who else!”

“I’m sure it will be great with him. He looks nice.

“He is…”

“Where will he sleep tonight?”

“I propose him to sleep at our home.” Martha sees Lynette reaction. “No… Lynette not on my bed… okay it wouldn’t be bad.”

“You want him to sleep with you?”

“I was laughing… but yes.”


Lynette takes Martha’s arm and draws her away from the wedding. Lynette and Martha arrive at Martha’s house.

“Where will he sleep?”

Martha leads Lynette on Lionel’s room.

“Do you truth me, Martha?”

“Yes Lynette but…”

Lynette put away the mattress and broke down a plank under the bed with her leg.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Martha exclaims.

“I help a desesperate woman. SO now, you should find a good excuse for Lionel doesn’t sleep on the sofa...”

Martha looks at her a moment and laughs. Lynette laughs too.

“Lynette Scavo you’re… very gifted…”

“I have help a lot of women like you.”

Martha and Lynette come back at the wedding. Martha returns to Lionel and Clark who’s talking together with Susan, Mike and Julie.


Martha and Lionel spend all of the day together, it was the evening everybody was dancing, and Clark was dancing with Julie Mayer, she was younger than him but they’re coming friends today. Martha and Lionel were talking with Bree and Orson. Bree and Martha were talking about French cooking.

“There are so a lot of flavours! The night wills not enough for state every course!” Bree exclaims and smiles with Martha.

“Oh, and since how much time, you both are together?” Orson Hodges asks with a smile too.

Martha loses her smile and dare not look at Lionel. Orson looks at Bree because he feels this uneasiness.

“Well, they aren’t together” Bree said still with her smile. “…not yet…” She murmured to just Martha hears that.

“Lionel” Orson starts laughing. “I think we can let these two women speak about there gossips!”

Lionel and Orson leave Martha and Bree alone.

“Martha? Did we meet before?”

“I don’t know, it uses to be possible… why?”

“Well it just, no… forgets it.”

It was later; Martha and Lionel were very tired. Lionel proposes her to go back at her house. Martha go upstairs and Lionel in his room. When Martha sit down on her bed, she think she forget to told to Lionel, he couldn’t sleeps on his bed so, she go down on Lionel room for asks him to sleep with her…



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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:06 am

this is getting very interesting....yay! Cool

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:25 am

yeah... did she knock before enter in Lionel's room? lol

I like this story more again! I love you

I can't even believe it

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The other family - 8 - The bed

Post  Saeshmea on Sat Jul 26, 2008 12:46 am

When Martha arrived to Lionel’s room door she listened a big noise inside. She opened the door quickly and found Lionel on the floor near the broken bed. They both started to laugh together.
Lionel: The bed is broken.
Martha: I know… I came to tell this to you… I forgot it…
Lionel: Can I believe it? Or should I believe that you tried to kill me?
Martha: If I wanted to kill you I would have tired it with something better than a broken leg in your bed.
Lionel: Oh! Great! So… you’re trying to kill me!
Martha: No!
They both laughed and Martha helped him to rise himself.
Lionel: Well… I will go downstairs to sleep on the sofa…
Martha: Will you sleep on the sofa? On that old and uncomfortable sofa that Clark and I took here from the farm? Do you really want that?
Lionel: Well… is there another place where I can pass the night?
Martha: I was thinking on… maybe it’s not a good idea… let it go… the sofa would be fine…
Lionel: What were you thinking on?
Martha (a little blushed): I… I was thinking that… that maybe you… - she breath hardly – that maybe you preferred to sleep in my room.
Lionel: In your room?!
Martha: Sure.
Lionel: In your bed?!
Martha: Sure.
Lionel: With you…?
Martha: Sure. – Silence – I mean… in the same bed but… we needn’t to… I mean… - she get really nervous – just sleep…
They were really close to each other, Martha was looking Lionel so sweetly waiting his answer. Lionel started to caress her cheek with his hand, and then her lips with his fingers.
Lionel: Are you sure that you want me as close to you, Martha?
She hold the fingers which were caressing her lips with her both hands and kissed their tips softly.
Martha: I couldn’t be surer.


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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:47 pm

nice! hm, i wonder what will happen next??!! Razz

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:30 am

They go on Martha’s bedroom. Martha slide under the blankets and Lionel looks at her uncertain.

“Come on, you will not stay stand up all the night!” Martha laughs.

Lionel smile and lengthen next to her. “You can switch off the light, Martha.”

Martha does it but mood rays light up them. Lionel was looking at the ceiling and he hears Martha breathes.

“Something is wrong?” Lionel asks.

“It’s hard to sleep after an evening like that.” Martha replies and stare at the ceiling too.

“You’re right… but this evening was very nice. Your friend was very pleasant, Martha.”

“Thanks” She said with a yawn.

“You’re right we should sleep, now.”

“I didn’t say anything!” She laughs.

Lionel turns to Martha and looks at her. The light of the moon makes her skin become like if it was china. She had closed her eyes. Her hair was fall in ruby cascades on her pillow. She look so appeased, her face seem less pulled. Everybody believes she was so strong but she was just a woman, a woman who was in low spirits since the death of her tender husband. Lionel would give everything for comfort her at his way… He would give everything to be with her… because he desperately loves her.


When she woke up, Martha feels Lionel’s arm around her waist. He was just behind her and very close to her. Martha doesn’t want to move and stay in his arms. She just put her hand on his which is on her belly. She just caressed it.

“Ah. You finally woke up?” Lionel murmured just on her ear.

Martha has shacked when she feels her breath on her ear and smiles.
“We should get up, now.” She replies as she turns around and find Lionel’s face very near to her. She looks at his lips whose coming close to hers. Martha closes her eyes waiting him to finally kiss her but the door of the room suddenly opens.

“Mum, its ten o’clock and… oh god!” Martha exclaims when he comes on the room. “I’m going out! So sorry!”

Martha leaves the bed and runs after Clark.

“Son!” She shouts at him. “Sweetheart!”

“Yes, mum?”

“It’s not what you think…” She said. “Nothing happened.”

“Ah. It’s your news friends who will be disappointed…”

“Clark… please!”

“Oh, I don’t say anything more!”

Martha can’t avoid a little smile to her son. She walks out of the house and takes the newspaper on the floor. Martha sees Lynette who is tidy her sons’ toys. Lynette notices her and gives her a sign. Martha goes next to Lynette.

“Nice to see you Martha, so… will you tell me what happened?”


“Does he sleep with you?”

“Yeah… but…”

“Martha! You sleep on the same bed to a man and you didn’t huh… materialized?!”

“Well… Lynette…”

“Listen, this man look very crazy about you, but he will not wait for you all his life! And Martha you need it.”

“Lynette? …need what?”

“Well… a man… who’s sleep on your bed for a good reason!.” Lynette laughs.


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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  Saeshmea on Sun Jul 27, 2008 5:52 am

Really nice part!! I love when Martha wake up and Lionel's arm is rounding her waist.. so sweet.
Very Happy I told you that I would read it when I came back... great... it's 04.49a.m., I've just arrived at home, and I'm reading your part... tongue And it was so lovely!!!!! I love you I love you I love you
See you tomorrow with my next part... I'm going to sleep a little now... GoodNight!!! Wink

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The other family - 10 - The morning

Post  Saeshmea on Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:47 pm

Martha came back home. Lionel was going downstairs while he was doing his tie, and Clark was in the kitchen, having breakfast.
When Lionel was already down, she left the newspaper on the table and helped him with his tie and when she finished he took her hands. She looked at his eyes, her look was really sweet, his one was full of love, but she wasn’t able to see it.
Martha: What happened this night, Lionel?
Lionel: Nothing. You know it, you were there, too. We just sleep on the same bed.
Martha: That’s what I mean… you… and me… sleeping on the same bed… but not together…
Lionel: I… we… I don’t… I thought that… I… - he didn’t know what to say because he couldn’t understand the situation. He rest a moment thinking on the right words – What did you want to happen, Martha? It was you who said me to sleep with you… just as friends…
Martha: I know but… I… it doesn’t matter, ok?! Let it go – she seemed to be upset for something.
Lionel: Let go what?
Martha: Nothing! Forget it! Get away from me!
Without saying anything more, Martha went to the kitchen and Lionel went out of the house.

Clark: Is all right, mum?
Martha: All’s fine, son… don’t worry. – She lied, very bad.
Clark, noticing his mother’s mood, walked out the kitchen.
Clark: Mum… - he said before left – You once said him that you wasn’t prepare… if you don’t tell him that you already are now, he will continue waiting.
Martha sat down and looked how her son walked to the living room. He was right… Lionel had done nothing wrong, he couldn’t know that she wanted something to happen if she didn’t tell it to him.
Suddenly the door’s bell interrupted her thoughts. It was Lynette, Bree and Susan.
Martha: Hi girls, what’s the matter?
Susan: We’re going to Gaby’s… don’t you remember?
Lynette: …to talk about her wedding night… - added Lynette.
Martha: That’s right… I had forgotten it… sorry guys… I had my mind out. Give a minute.
Martha came some minutes later with her bag.

Gabriel: Hello guys! Come in! – said Gabrielle really happy when she saw her friends.
Before they sat down, and before Bree went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee, Martha took out a box from her bag.
Martha (to Gabrielle): Gaby, this is a little gift for your wedding.
Gabrielle took the box and opened it. It was two bracelets, one for woman, and the other for man.
Martha: They have your wedding date written on the back… for not forget your anniversary – she laughed.
Gabrielle: Oh, Martha… it’s too nice!! I’m sure Victor will really like it too!
Lynette: And he will need it… I should give one like this to Tom… he always forgets our anniversary… - said Lynette.
Gabrielle: You needn’t to give us anything, Martha – said Gabrielle as she hugged Martha.
Martha: It’s nothing… I love give presents… specially to good friends… My mum used to say me that the best gifts come from the heart…
At that moment Bree nearly spilled her coffee on the table because the cup slipped from her hands.
Susan: Are you ok, Bree?
Bree: I… I’m not sure… I should go…
Martha: But… Bree!
She was already at the door.
Bree: See you later, guys.

Bree was walking fast to her home. “My mum used to say me that the best gifts come from the heart… My mum used to…” she couldn’t stop thinking on that words… Her mother used to say the same thing, with the same words to her… she couldn’t believe it…
Since the first day she saw Martha she new that she had already seen that blue eyes… but she wasn’t sure of where… or when…

Meanwhile, Lionel was walking to nowhere; waiting Martha to calm down… thinking on what happened… or… on what should happened… Then she found Lynette, who had just left Gaby’s house.
Lynette: Hi Lionel! How was the night? – she smiled craftily.
Lionel: What?
Lynette: Oh! Come on! You can talk with me about it… Why didn’t you do anything?
Lionel: Why everybody thinks that I should do things that I don’t know I had to do?
Lynette: Wow! I think that’s so bad…
Lionel: What?
Lynette: Well… Martha wants something from you that I was sure that you also wanted… but now I see that you don’t.
Lionel: I don’t want what?
Lynette: You know… Martha!
Lionel: Martha?! You mean… her… having her…
Lynette: Sure! Do with her what a man and a woman use to do when they are in they same bed.
Lionel: Oh my god! – he left his body fell on a bench – Martha wanted to… and I didn’t… but I also… Why didn’t she say anything to me?!
Lynette: Well… there are some kind of things that women don’t like to say directly… So… you want it too? You didn’t avoid her?
Lionel: Of course I didn’t! I have waited her for years… I would never avoid her…

When Martha left Gaby’s house she saw Lionel saying goodbye to Lynette and going home… She wanted to apologize with him about that morning… but she didn’t know what to say… so she went to Bree’s, to see how she felt…
She knocked the door, and a busy Bree with a photo album on her hands opened the door. Behind that red-haired, Martha could see a table with almost a dozen of photo albums on it.
Bree: Hi Martha! I’m so sorry… but I’m a little busy now…
Martha: Watching all your life on photos? – she laughed… she was joking.
Bree: More or less.
Martha: I was worried about you. You left from Gaby’s with a hurry…
Bree: I know… but I’m fine… don’t worry… bye!!
Bree closed the door in front of Martha’s face without letting her go in. She was really strange…


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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:34 pm

That Bree is a strange woman! I'm joking... is she soo crazy also in the TV serie??? loool

I like a lot this story anyway... so sweet and funny! Very Happy

I can't even believe it

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:08 am

She's more crazy on the show Very Happy

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:48 am

Really? Is that possible? I can't believe it! lol

I can't even believe it

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:16 am

oh great update!! Cool

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:47 pm

So, sorry for the lateness!


Bree comes back at her photos and continues to search anything she doesn’t know. After a moment Orson comes to her.

“Ah! You’re here!” Orson walks next to her. “Bree? It’s you on this photo” He takes a photo which was on the table.


She doesn’t looks at him; Orson sits down on the sofa in front of her. He put a large box of photos on his knees and watches them. Bree was so young on these.

“Hey! You’re naked on your bath!”


“This is so sweet!” He said when he sees another photos.

“Stop that!”

“Hey, Bree…” Orson watch other photos. “This girls with really look like your new friend, Martha Kent.”

“What!?” Bree exclaim. “Oh my god!” She said when she recognizes Martha as her sister on a photo.

“Something is wrong, Bree?”

“Oh no… everything it’s okay!” She smiles. “Orson I have just found my elder sister!”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes… well she’s my half sister. We haven’t the same father.”

“Bree, you can’t to be sure of that!”

“But I am Orson, this afternoon she said something which make me watch the photos.”

“Oh really, and what was it?”

“Something about her mother… my mother…”


During the same time, Martha was alone on her leaving room when somebody knocks at the door. She doesn’t know why she was persuaded it was Bree but Martha fined Lionel Luthor on her porch. Martha looks at him and didn’t say anything.

“May I come in?” He asks with a smile.

“Of course you can…”

Lionel walks on the house and Martha closes the door.

“I’m sorry for this morning Martha, and…”

“And it’s me who should give you apologies. Can we just forget this morning because it was so stupid.” She smiles and laughs a little.

“You’re right… Martha. I run into Lynette, this morning, just after our little clash.”

“Oh… Lynette.” Martha was sure Lynette tells him something about this last night. “What did she says?”

“She asks me you wanted anything from me this night but you can’t ask me that…”

“Ok… I hope I don’t know what you’re talking about... because Lynette, huh….” Martha looks into Lionel eyes. Martha adds: “I would like make some coffee but I haven’t coffee. I know we’re going have a long discussion…”

“Maybe Martha… We’re not constrained to talk…”

Lionel takes her hand and dangerously approaches his lips to hers. Martha is feeling his breathing on her mouth. He’s going to kiss her… Martha walks away from him and she’s exclaim.

“But I have tea! On the drawer next to the sink!”

Martha runs on the kitchen and opens all of the drawers before find the tea. Her hands were trembling. She turns around. Lionel was just behind her. She hasn’t the time to realize he’s coming very close to her that she feels his lips on hers. Martha releases the sachet of tea which falls down on the floor. Lionel put his hand on her cheek. She couldn’t move, she was stiff and she feels some tears slide on her cheek and fall on Lionel’s hand. Lionel moves away.


Martha turns her head because she didn’t want to see his eyes.

“Hey, sweetheart, something is wrong?” Lionel worried but she didn’t say anything. “I thing I understand… You’re not ready for that?”

“No…” Her shoulders start to shake. “I’m sorry!” She cries very hard.

She wanted to runs away but Lionel rolls up his arms around her. Martha buries her face in Lionel's neck and continues to cry. Lionel was caressing her hair. Martha curls up on his arms because she couldn’t stop all of the tears whose run on her cheeks.

“Its okay, Martha…” Lionel murmured in her ear. “We will wait more time.”

“But I don’t want to wait anymore!” She shouts on his shirt which is coming wet.

Lionel closes his eyes a moment and Martha draw herself up and looks into his eyes.

“I love you, Lionel… A part of me really wants to move on with you but… I don’t understand why I can’t… Lionel I…”

“It’s okay Martha; I understand… no I don’t really understand.” He smiles with her. “But Martha… You should to know, I will wait the time which is requisite because I really love you, and I love you with all my heart and…”

Martha put her hands on his cheeks.

“Lionel, don’t say anything more just repeat what you said…”

“I love you?”


Martha slides her finger on his lips.

“May you kiss me again?”

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  Saeshmea on Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:50 am

I know I already said you... it's SO SWEET!!!! I love this part!!! I really love it!!! I will writte the next part tomorrow, because now it's 01.49am and I'm a little tired Very Happy
Bye!!! And, let me say it again................. SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:42 pm

Yeah this part is soo sweet and touching!!! Smile

More, more! lol

I can't even believe it

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Thu Jul 31, 2008 1:32 am

very sweet!!!!
i love how lionel is so gentle with martha!
and the thing about martha being bree's sister, interesting. Cool

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The other family - 12 - Sisters!

Post  Saeshmea on Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:51 pm

Lionel’s lips were so close to Martha’s. He was going to kiss her, and she really wanted it. But when their lips were almost going to join each other, the door’s bell rang and they both stopped.
Lionel: The door… you… should open.
Martha: It can wait some seconds…
But Martha listened Bree’s voice shouting from the other side of the door.
Bree: Martha!! Martha I know you’re here!!! Please open!!!!
Martha breathed.
Lionel: It seems to be important…
Martha: It must be, because if it’s not I will kill her!

Martha walked to the door hating Bree for interrupt that perfect moment. She opened it and found her friend really nervous, with a photograph on her hands.
Martha: Ok! It must be a life or dead situation… because if it’s not that you will pay for this interruption…
Bree: Well… it’s not a life or dead situation… but I can say you that it’s something important… really important – she walked into the house and went to the living room. She took a chair and sat down.
Martha: Ok. What’s going on?
Bree: You should sit too.

Lionel came in and stay at the door listening the two women… any of the both saw him.
Bree: Martha… when you saw me for the first time… when you moved here… didn’t you have the….
Martha: … the feeling that I already know you…?
Bree: Yeah! You had it?
Martha: I had. Why?
Bree: Because… I had it too… and this morning… when you tell us what your mother used to say to you… I… I remembered that my mother used to say me the same…
Martha: What are you meaning, Bree?
Bree: I found this photograph… do you recognize anybody?
Martha took the photo and couldn’t believe what she was watching…
Martha: Sure… I also have photos from that day! It’s me, when I was I child… and I was with… ah!
Bree: Yeah…?
Martha: With my sister… but that girl is… it’s…
Bree: Me. The girl who’s with you in the photo it’s me…
Martha: So you’re… you… we… we’re sisters!!
Lionel opened his eyes: What?! – The two women ignore him.
Martha: Oh my god! – she stood up and helped Bree to raised too, and they hugged so sweetly – Oh my god… I really thought that I would never see you…
Martha was crying… Bree was trying to not cry.
Bree: Me too. When my… when our mother dead my father called your father to tell it to you… but he said that neither him nor you, would come to the funeral.
Martha: … he just told me that my… I mean, our mother had dead… I asked how, when… but he didn’t tell it to me…
The two women where now in a big hug, and both were crying.
Lionel: So you both are daughters from the same mother?
Martha: Right. My mother left my father, and went with Bree’s. During the first years she used to come and bring me with them some days, but my father began to become upset from the situation and he began to not let her to take me with her new family.
Bree: We lost the contact… but I never forgot you…
Martha: Neither me!
They hugged again, and Martha invited her to have dinner with them because she had to tell that to Clark… Bree accepted and left. When she closed the door Martha stayed a while crying… Lionel went with her and hugged her…
Lionel: Do you want to continue now what we have started? – he whispered on her ear.


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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:34 am

Hi guys....... This the next part.....
I must to tell you before.... it's a little... It's a very hot scene... I was inspired lol! It's just hem.... we need sex scene! BYE!


“Of yeah, Lionel… I’m hum…” Martha starts. “I’m sorry to make you wait as a long time.”

“You don’t know how much time I have waited for you.” Lionel smiles.

“Oh… So… How much time?”

“Martha, please… a very long time… but now my lips can’t wait more… yeah I think they’re in love with you.”

“I think I will love them too soon…”

Martha feels Lionel’s hand slide from her back to her waist. Lionel draws Martha close to him and suddenly kisses her. Martha couldn’t believe how he can make her feel so strange when he does that. Lionel walks near to a wall with Martha on his arms. He flattens her against the wall and broke the kiss for breathe.

“Martha, I always wanted to tell you that… yeah I have never can tell you that before, but know we’re together, yeah I love you, you love me…. Oh yeah god, you love me, huh?”

“Sure I do!”

Lionel kisses her again and looks into her eyes.

“Martha, I have always thought you’re the more beautiful woman I have never met... you’re the sexier, you’re….”

“Lionel! Will you shut up and kiss me?!” Martha laughs.

Lionel smile and approach his lips to Martha’s neck and starts to teases the smooth Martha’s skin with his tongue.

“Oh… It’s generous to you, Lionel, but I thought about my lips when I ask you to kiss me and… Oh my god…”

Lionel was sucking her ear lobe. Martha feels all of her body weaken. Lionel undoes Martha chemise and let his lips slide on her naked shoulder and on her bosoms.

“Lionel… I… oh…” Martha groans.

Martha undo Lionel’s tie and slides her leg along his and encircles his thigh make her feels his member against her. She move a little and makes her pussy rubs with his penis which begins to be in erection. Lionel lifts her in his arms and she roll up her legs around his waist. Lionel draw her in they’re bedroom. Lionel detaches her bra and finally her perfect breast. Martha lies down on the bed and Lionel joins her. He gives her a sweet kiss before let his tongue find out her bosom. Martha let some groans quit her mouth.

“Something is wrong?” Lionel asks and stops to suck the extremity of her bosom.

“Yes, now you stop what you was doing with your… oh yeah it’s that….” Martha finish when Lionel continues.

She feels his lips slide on her stomach when he was detaching her jeans. She puts her hands on his hair and move her legs to takes away her trousers. Lionel draws her wet knickers away too and draws himself up to see the perfect body of her dreams woman. He sweetly slides his hands along of all her body, from her cheeks, go by her shoulders, her delicate breast and her thin waist. He stops them on her buttocks and approaches his lips to her hips and taste the purity of Martha Kent. Martha’s hands instinctively leave Lionel’s head and grip the sheets under them.

“Oh… Oh Lionel! Lionel!” Martha cries when she feels her tongue enter there.

Martha feels the pleasure coming she starts to cry more and more and just before to come in the last phase, Lionel stops it and takes her hand before passionately kisses her. Martha can taste herself on Lionel’s mouth. Lionel sits astride on her and takes away his shirt. Martha grazes with her hands, his very developed musculature which always charmed her. Martha punches Lionel and get above him. She bites her lips and starts to undo his belt. She detaches his pants zip and slides her hands in his shorts. Lionel sweetly caresses her arms and squeezes his jaw. He too much gets it up like if it hurts him. He had a lot of thoughtless about him and Martha making love, or just Martha naked. On his dreams she was very beautiful but now he can really see her… he think she’s more than just hot stuff… Martha draws away Lionel pants and shorts and fined herself in front of a very long cock. She delicately rolls up her fingers around it and starts to rubs it. Martha goes down and approaches her lips to the extremity. She hesitates a moment. Lionel takes her hand and sits down on the bed.

“Martha, you’re not obliged, I’m…”

“I know… but maybe I want it…”

Martha kisses him again before to grabs his cock and delicately slides her lips on the tip. She put her mouth on it and begins to sucks softly. Lionel hardly breaths when he feels Martha Kent tongue rolls up his penis. Martha starts to move her mouth faster. Lionel put his hand on her head.

‘Oh god, Martha… MARTHA!” He shouts. “Oooh Martha…”

Lionel tries to stop her before it coming but she doesn’t let him. She wanted more. Lionel finally dispatches the white water into her mouth. Martha comes off his cock and spit the liquid.

“It’s just the beginning Mrs…” Lionel said.

Martha smiles, sits on Lionel and kisses him.

“I hadn’t waited less from you…”

Lionel kisses her again and let his hands massage her breast. Martha grabs his hair when his penis brushes her entrance. Lionel looks at her, waiting her permission.

“I can’t wait more, Lionel… Oh my Lionel…”

Lionel goes on her. Martha grips his shoulders. Lionel begins to move on her and he feels her nails drive in the skin of his shoulders.

“Lionel… please faster….” Martha cries, Lionel moves faster. “FASTER! Ooh Again!”

Martha starts to move to in addition to him. They’re shouting together; cry the names of each other. It continues a moment but the pleasure didn’t go. They can’t breaths and they can’t cry anymore. They’re coming to the highest elevation; there isn’t any nose except the crumpling of the sheets. Lionel catches Martha’s waist and draw her faster and faster. Suddenly they stop to move and Martha releases a long cry and falls downs on Lionel.

“Oh my god! Oh my god…” Martha murmurs on Lionel ear. “I have never screwed at this way.”

“It’s good or bad?” Lionel laughs.

“Lionel… I loved it.”

Martha gets up and starts to shears her clothes.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“Lionel, its 4 pm... we will not stay in bed all the day!”

She takes her bra on the floor with her trousers. Lionel looks at the beautiful woman naked in front of him.

“I can’t believe it’s real…” Lionel said.



Martha smiles and goes on the bed and kisses Lionel again. She looks at him a moment.

“I love you Lionel Luthor…”

“I love you too…”


After a moment Martha goes out of the bedroom. She’s having a blissful smile on her face. She drinks some water and goes out of her house. She fined Clark with Tom Scavo under the porch.

“Ah! It’s finally over!” Clark exclaims when he sees her.

“What are you talking about?” Martha blushes.

“Oh please mum… Hi Lionel!”

Lionel has just coming. Clark walks in the house but before he murmurs something to his mum’s ear before to come in.

“It wasn’t discreet, everybody hears everything…”

Martha stays stiff on place with her mouths opens before runs after Clark in the kitchen let Lionel and Tom alone.

“Hi.” Tom said, uncertain.

“Hi…” Lionel smiles a little.

“Well… Can you give me some… huh… advice?”

“About what?”

“Oh please, guy! I have never hear a woman cries at this way!”

“Oh I see!”

Lionel looks at him a moment and hardly laughs. Tom laughs with him a little but he doesn’t understand.

“It’s funny but, I have waited for this woman five years and…”

“Five, really?!”

“Hi guys!” Lynette said when she’s coming at them. “What are you talking about?”


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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  Saeshmea on Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:42 am

I love you I love you I love you A VERY HOT SCENE?! Oh my god!!! That's more than a very hot scene!!!!!!!! It's the hottest sex scene posted in this forum!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! You left me without words... just wonderful!!! And a really funny ending... when Clark says Martha that everybody could listened to them!!!!!!!!!
So good!!!!!!

P.S. It's 4.42am... I'm going to sleep... Good Night!!!! I love you I love you

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:10 pm

that was very hot! Cool
and it was really funny that everyone heard. Laughing

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The other family - 14 - Everybody knows

Post  Saeshmea on Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:14 pm

“Hi guys!” Lynette said when she’s coming at Lionel and Tom. “What are you talking about?”
Tom: Hi dear! We were talking about...
Lionel: Nothing!
Lynette: What?
Tom: Right! We were talking about nothing…
Lynette: Ok… I understand… Is Martha inside?
Lionel: She is.

Lynette went into the house and found Martha in the kitchen, alone.
Lynette: Hello!
Martha: Hi Lynette! How are you? – she had a big smile on her face.
Lynette: Not as happy as you…
Martha: What? Oh… thanks… - she blushed herself a little.
Lynette: Aren’t you going to tell me anything?
Martha: Anything about what?
Lynette: Come on! About your great sex moment!
Martha: Shhht!!! – did Martha while she put her fingers on her lips – Please, don’t shout!
Lynette: I’m sorry… but your face is talking for you… and Lionel’s, too!!
Martha: Really?!
Lynette: Yeah! – the two women laughed – So… How was it?
Martha: Wonderful.... it was… really great… so nice… so sweet… I loved it!
Lynette: Really!
Martha: Oh god! – Martha hided her face behind her hands while she blushed – I shouldn’t say that…
Lynette: Why?
Martha: Because I don’t like to talk about these things with… with other people…
Lynette: But we are friends… and if that was as good as you said… you should tell it to everybody!! – she laughed – What are you cooking? Here’s enough food for a hundred people!!
Martha: Bree’s coming tonight… - she stopped because she didn’t know if that was or not the moment to tell Lynette that Bree was her sister… because neither Clark now it yet.
Lynette: Oh… - she seemed a little sad – just Bree?
Martha: Do you like to come? – she thought that it would be good to tell it to everybody at the same time.
Lynette: Sure!!!!
Martha: Great! So… just a condition…
Lynette: Tell me!
Martha: Can you ask the other girls to come too, please?
Lynette: Yeah, of course!
Martha: Great… and all you can come with your families, ok?
Lynette: Ok… - she started to be worried. – What’s the matter with tonight dinner?
Martha: Any… just come.

It was half past seven when Bree arrived with Orson and Andrew. The two boys went to the living room with Lionel, while the two women staid at the kitchen. When they finally felt themselves alone they hugged each other.
Bree: I didn’t tell anything to Andrew because I want to do it with you…
Martha: Sure… I did the same with Clark…. It will be easier at this way…
Bree: Why are you doing with as much food!?
Martha: Oh! I forgot to tell you that the girls are coming too…
Bree: What?
Martha: Lynette come this afternoon and she saw that I was cooking… I tell her that you were coming and she seemed a little upset… I thought that it would be better to tell it once for everybody…

Nearly an hour later everybody was at Martha’s dinning room waiting for the dinner, unknowing what they are going to be told…
Bree helped Martha to bring the food to the table… al seemed to be delicious… Martha staid stood up. At her left there was Lionel and at her right there was Bree, and she was holding each one hand.
Martha: Today I… well, no… WE, Bree and I, wanted all you to be here with us because you are our family and our friends… - it was difficult to speak knowing that she was going to say something as important… and as incredible – What we want all of you to know is that… - she looked at Bree as Lionel kissed her hand to comfort her, and her half-sister smiled and stood up to be with her.
Bree: What we both want you to know is that…
Martha: …that we have found out that…
Bree: …that we are…
Everybody was looking to the two women waiting their words…
Martha and Bree said it at the same time: We are sisters.


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The end!

Post  MarthaLuthor on Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:06 am



“We are sisters” Martha and Bree said it at the same time.

“It’s can’t be true…” Susan whispered.

“Why not?” Bree asks. “Gaby, do you remember, I have told you about a lost sister!”

“I know… and Victor was here.” Gaby replies.

“No, it’s can’t possible you couldn’t know Victor when I told you that, it was so many years ago.”

“She didn’t mean that…” Victor said. “I was young with you Bree. I was young with Martha.”

“What do you mean?” Bree and Martha said at the same time.

“I didn’t absolutely want to Martha comes at my wedding…”

“Oh my god, Victor!” Martha exclaims. “You had plan everything, my meeting with Bree?”

“Our wedding was a good excuse, no?” Gaby smiles.

“Oh shit…” Everybody looks at Andrew.

“Andrew!” Bree exclaims. “What’s wrong, again?”

“I have just met another you.” Andrew stands up. “Look at you too! You’re the same person. She wants to be perfect; she made a perfect dinner for everybody… Oh no she’s not like you. She loves her son.”

“Andrew!” Bree starts “You’re…”

“It’s okay Bree…” Martha comforts her.

“No it’s not!” Bree looks at her. “You’re Senator, You’re with a rich man and you have a perfect son!”

“Bree!” Gaby exclaims.

“I’m not sure if I want to continue to see you’re perfect life!” Bree continues.

Andrew sit down again on his chair. He fills up his plate with some vegetables and laughs. Clark looks at him, angry. Andrew begins to eat.

“You said, you have just holidays here, Martha.” Bree said. “So you will return to the Kansas… perfect!”

Bree walks away from the living room and get out of the house. Martha starts to run after her she turns around and looks at everybody.

“Have a good dinner; I’ll be right there soon!” Martha said before go away.

There is a long and heavy silence. Lynette broke it.

“What’s just happened?” She said.

“My mother has a new crisis.” Andrew laughs again.

“When will you stop it, species swine?” Lynette said again. “You did enough thing to Bree… You think you hurt her, but the first person who you’re hurting it’s you…” She continues. “So now, you will go back at your house and let we have the perfect dinner which Martha and Bree wanted us to have.”

Andrew looks at Lynette a moment. Victor stands up and takes him at his arms. He draws him out and goes back on the table.

“Something must to be lightening… It’s not because of Bree… She has nothing to do with what Andrew become.”

“…but he was right… Bree and my mother are the same person… and I’m not become who he’s.”

“You don’t know Andrew Van de Kamp.” Lynette replies.

“You’re right… but I saw enough to know I’m not like him.”

“So!” Edie exclaims. “Forget that! I want to know about our rich man…”

“Me?” Lionel asks.


“Bree!” Martha screams after her. “Bree, wait!”

Bree stops to walks in the middle of the road and turns to Martha.

“I’m so sorry, Martha…” Bree finally said. “I don’t know what’s happened to me.

“It doesn’t matter… Bree? Was you serious when you said it’s better, perfect, to me to go away from Fairview?”

“No! Oh please don’t think that… Martha you’re… I think I really need you here. Everybody likes you here.”

“It’s good… because I wanted asked to Lionel to stay here with me…”

“Oh my god, but it’s great!”


Bree and Martha have spoken a long time and didn’t come back to the dinner. Clark, Lionel and Orson have served everybody and now there are just these three men, Lynette, Tom and Edie. The blond hair woman was with Lionel on the kitchen, doing the wash up.

“Mrs. Britt?” Lionel begins. “What did you wanted to know about me?”

“I don’t know…” Bree replies. “You’ve been always rich?”

“You just see the money with me?”

“Oh no… okay a little… but you’re a charming rich man, Lionel and…”


“Martha was just a short story? I mean… You just wanted to screw her one time, no?”

“Excuse me? How can you…”

“It’s okay Lionel… Martha really looks like if she’s an easy lay… Yeah! Don’t look at me like that! She calls you, and asks to come from the Kansas just for a roll in the hay.”

“Stop it here, Mrs. Britt… You’re coming ridiculous.”

“Call me Edie…”

Edie comes closer to Lionel and tries to kiss him. Lionel looks at her and didn’t know what to do.


Martha and Bree just arrived on the house. Bree clasps Orson in her arms a little moment. Martha walks to Clark.

“Do you know where Lionel is?” She asks.

“Yes, he’s on the kitchen.”

Martha smile and leave them. Tom and Lynette comes to Clark.

“You will thank Martha for the dinner; we should go, now…” Lynette starts.

“Yeah, Mrs. McCluskey will start to be tired… with the twins and…”

“AAAAAHHHH!!!!” Everybody hear Martha screams. “How can you do that to me! Lionel! I HATE YOU!!!!”

Lynette, Bree and Clark runs on the kitchen where was Lionel on Edie’s arms and a crying Martha.

“Martha! You can’t understand…”

“Understand what! I believe what I see!”

“You see wrong!” Lionel could believe what its happening. “Let me, cunt!” He shouts at Edie.

Lionel wanted to come to Martha but Clark walks in front of him.

“Why, Lionel? I forgot you for what you did to our family, I believed you have changed but you’re worst! You just want to be cruel!”

“No Clark… I love your mother and…”

“It’s not what you think!” Lynette said.

“And what do you think they think?” Edie finally said.

‘You, shut up the bitch.” Lynette continues. “Everybody knows Edie, asks it to Susan, to Gaby, or everybody else! They will say you she’s a tease.”

“What did you say?” Edie begins to be upset.

“Get out, Edie.” Tom quietly said.

“Okay…” Edie finally gets out.

Bree takes Martha in her arms and whispered:

“Martha, it’s an error… Lionel loves you; he couldn’t do this… especially with Edie.”

“I was wrong, Lionel sorry.” Clark said when he put his hand on Lionel’s shoulder. “You can give your life for my mother… I know this…” Clark smiles a little. “I’m sure you didn’t know anything about the gun…”

“The gun?” Lynette is surprise.

“A crazy man had kidnapped us…” Lionel replies and he looks at Martha. “He enclose us on a lift and give us a gun… kill the Senator Kent and get free, or she kills you and she runs away, he said us… I had takes the guns and put it on her hand…”

“and ask me to kill you for save me… Lionel…” Martha stops crying.

“That a story…” Bree whispered.

“I’m so sorry, to have doubt to you, Lionel…”

Martha walks near to Lionel and he kisses her. Bree and Lynette look at each other and smile. Lionel broke the kiss and looks into Martha’s eyes. Martha curls up on his arms. Tom takes Lynette hand and they leave without nose. Bree join Orson on the leaving room and they go back at their house.


Two weeks later…

Martha and Bree was plant a wonderful rosebush on Martha’s garden when Lionel comes to they he kisses Martha on her head.

“Durling, have you one minute… I have something to ask you…”

“It’s can’t wait some minute? I really want to finish it…” Martha replies.

“I will finish it, Martha, don’t worry.”

“Thanks Bree.”

Martha takes away her gloves. Lionel takes her hands.

“Now I have finally conquer you heart and we’re living together… I know there isn’t a long time but… I need to ask you anything Martha…”

Bree stand up and try to listen what Lionel is going to tell her when Lynette and Susan come to her.

“Hi Bree” Susan starts. “How are y…”

“Shuut!” Bree does a gesture with her hands and show Lionel and Martha.

Susan and Lynette turns at Lionel and Martha. They, except Martha, see Lionel takes away something to his pocket

“Yes, I’m listening, Lionel…”

“You know I love you, Martha Kent?”

“Sure I do…” She said before sweetly kiss him.

“Well…” Lionel bends down and put his knee on the ground.

“Oh my god.” Bree said as she put her hand on her heart.

“Martha Kent…” He show her what he just take away from his pocket, its a little velvet box. He opens it and Martha can see a wonderful diamond ring. Lynette, Bree and Susan comes closer to them just behind Martha.

“Wow, It’s the bigger diamond I’d never seen…” Lynette whispered. “Be strong Martha!”

“Oh… Lionel…” She couldn’t breath. Lionel smiles

“Martha…” Lionel continues.” Will you be able to marry an desperately in love man like me?”

Martha cranes her hand to Lionel. He stands up and looks into her eyes.

“If I say yes… will you kiss me with enough passion like our first kiss?”

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:29 pm

Oh, yeah... a beautiful story! I liked it!!!

I can't even believe it

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Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

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