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Infamous - new episode Empty Infamous - new episode

Post  I can't even believe it on Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:26 pm

The new episode will be aired tonight.

That's basically the plot:
Linda Lake threatens to expose Clark's secret if he didn't give her the exclusive about the red-blue blur. Refusing to be blackmailed, Clark tells Lois his secret and she will write it for The Daily Planet.

And I think that's enough to stop watching SV forever.

Don't you think it's just too offensive for who, like Lionel, died to protect his secret? Ppl died to protect his secret and he tells it so easely...

Better be an AU episode or... Mad

I can't even believe it

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Infamous - new episode Empty Re: Infamous - new episode

Post  Saeshmea on Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:07 pm

It's really insulting... you're right... I think that now they're in a hurry to totally transform Clark in the Superman everybody knows... the series stop being Smallville when Lionel dead... .. .

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