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Mionel Fanfic list ! Empty Mionel Fanfic list !

Post  MarthaLuthor on Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:26 pm

Hi dear Mionel fans !

I open a new topic for post the fanfictions who aren't to you :
When you find a fanfiction where there is some Mionel, post the link of it !

A World Unseen by fieldagent85
When Martha returns from Washington during Senate recess, Lionel encourages her to confront the feelings between them.

Lesser Angels by fieldagent85
After learning of Lionelís affection for Martha, Genevieve Teague does everything in her power to manipulate Martha into persuading him to give her the crystal. As a result, Martha becomes unwittingly involved in an intricate web of espionage and deceit.

Who Said, I can't be President by jla4186
Martha Kent is running for President, will Robby Ray be the VicePresident, will Miley's secret be blown? Pairings are MileyLilly LoisClark MarthaLionel

Drunken Abruptness by JUJUChick16
Set during the sixth season Thanksgiving episode.

What Could Happen by JUJUChick16
What happen before Lionel die ?

Expectations by wigglesfunk
[i]Lionel stoops to a new low in order to get to Martha.

PS : The fanfic that you find can be everywhere (FF.net, Forum of KS, DTS.....)

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Mionel Fanfic list ! Empty Re: Mionel Fanfic list !

Post  mionel.is.love on Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:14 pm

yes i've read all of those.
they're great stories
and great authors. Smile

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