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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  Saeshmea on Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:59 pm

That's a fanfiction that MarthaLuthor and I thought together... so we decided to write it together... we both hope you enjoy it! I love you

by MarthaLuthor: Yeah, It will be a cruel fanfiction! Twisted Evil lol!

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty The murders - 1

Post  Saeshmea on Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:12 am

It was night. Martha was closing the Talon. There were only she an one of the waitress. They both went out together by the back door because Martha had to put out the rubbish. The stree seemed to be quite and calm but then they listened some voices shouting. They wanted to see what was happening.
There were three guys, they were arguing about something, and one of them was red-haired and he seemed to be alone in the discussion. Then one of the two took out a gun and shooted the red-haired one. Martha sceared but try to be calm, but the waitress shouted and the murders saw them.
- Run! - shouted Martha pulling her from her arm.
They could arrived to Martha's car before the two guys catched them.

- Oh my god... oh my god... - reapeted on time an another time the waitress really frightened.
- Don't worry... all will be fine... we're going to the police now - said Martha trying to calm the girl.
. . .

When Lionel arrived Martha was sitting at the police office corridor with a tea in her hands. Clark was behind him. When she saw them she stood up and hugged Mionel very hard, and then her son, more softly.
- Are you ok, Martha? - asked Lionel worried.
- I'm fine. Just a little sceared, nothing else... - she tried to smile.
- What happened? - asked Clark.
- Me and Alice (the waitress) were leaving the Talon when we saw three man arguing... then, one of them murdered another.
- Did they see you? - asked Lionel.
- Yeah... they did, whe Alice shouted. And they tried to catched us, but I had the car at the other side of the street an we could run away. I was really sceared. I drove away to the police. They first interrogate me and now Alice is in. When I went out I rang you, I couldn't be here alone.
- Don't worry... tomorrow it will have been just a terrible fright, you'll se.

Then Alice went out of the room with two policemen. They said that now was time to go to the crime scene.
. . .

Nothing. There was nothing there. Any blood, any bullet, any body...
- That's not seem a crime scene, ma'am. - said one of the agent.
- I can't understand. I swear that we saw a body falling right here! - said Martha a bit nervious.
- That's true, sir - said Alice.
- We're really sorry, but we can't investigate anything without a dead body or a hurt man. Perhaps you both had worked too much today...
. . .

When they arrived to the farm Martha still couldn't beliving what had happened. She had seen how a guy murdered another, and anybody trust her!
- I trust you, mum. - said Clark when they arrived home by Lionel's limousine.
- Thank you, sweetheart, but that's not enought, what can you do?
- We can investigate the murdered ourselves - said Lionel.
- We? - repeated Clark.
- Sure! - exclaimed Lionel - I belive your mother, too. And with my contacts and your powers we can solve that faster that those stupit policemen.
- Oh Lionel, would you really do that for me? - said Martha going to hug him.
- Mum! You can't agree with him!
- I do. Come'on Clark, Lionel is right! You have your incredible powers and he have great contacts... do that for me... thouse agents thought that you mum is a mad woman who just need to rest... - she was smiling sarcasticly - Don't you want to defend my honor?
- Ok mum, I will work with Lionel. But please, don't be so exaggerated.
Martha laught, Clark went in, and before Lionel left...
- I will asked somebody to take your car here before the morning. - said Lionel.
- Thank you - said Martha smiling.
- It's always a plesure to take you home.
- No. Thank you for belive in me.
She smiled and kissed his cheek. And without saying anything else she went in.
. . .

The next morning Lionel came to the farm before Martha went to work. He wanted to start with the investigation earlier. Martha said goodbye and left. Her car was already there, as Lionel said her.

Alice was being thirty minutes late to work. That was really extrange because she was a good worker, thought Marta. So she rang to her, but nobody answered. Then Martha thought that maybe she still sceared and she wanted to go there and calm her. Not to take her to the Talon, Martha wanted to say Alice that she could take some days to relax.
She nocked the door, but nobody came to opened it. Worried, Martha tried to see something from the livingroom window. It seemed that nobody was there. She round the house and tried again from the kitchen window. Nothing. Then she tried to opened the behind door. It wasn't locked, so she could go in from the kitchen.
- Alice?! - asked her - Alice, are you home? It's Martha, Martha Kent. The door was opend and I came in. - she went upstairs - I was worried about you, because you didn't came today. I just came to say you that... ah! - she screamed.
She had gone in Alice room and the girl was on her bed, nuded and covered of blood. Somebody had stabbed her twice.


(( To MarthaLuthor: I hope you like how I have started the fic and I'm really impatient to read how you continue it!!!! I love you Wink ))

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Thu Jun 26, 2008 4:33 pm

A really good way to begin! Wink

Com'on, Zoe! I wanna read the next part soon! bounce lol

I can't even believe it

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:34 pm

Really good Saeshmea!
I'm sorry guys but can post the next part before tomorrow, because I have an important exam today and tomorrow

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Fri Jun 27, 2008 12:01 am

No prob! Good luck for the exam!

I can't even believe it

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:02 pm

Thanks! I had put a Mionel picture on my kit! aaaaahh It was fun!
But now it's over, and I'm writing the next part!

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 2nd part

Post  MarthaLuthor on Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:54 pm



Martha runs next to her, she feels Alice’s pulse but she’s dead. She covers Alice with a sheet and cry.

Martha runs out of Alice’s apartment, go on her car and call Clark.

Clark: Mum, All is fine?
Martha: No, nothing is fine, Clark…
Clark: What happened? Mum, are you ok, why are you crying?
Martha: I have just… found… I just found Alice’s body!
Clark: What?!
Martha: Alice is dead, they killed her!
Clark: How can you to be sure it’s them who killed her?
Martha: I… I don’t know, but I’m very scared Clark!

Martha just arrived to the Kent Farm. Clark, Lionel and Chloe were here. Martha can’t move, Lionel approach to her and she bursts into tears. Lionel takes her in his arms.

Lionel: Don’t worry, you’re at home now… nothing can happen to you, we’re here.
Martha: Alice was a good girl, she didn’t deserve to die… not at this way…
Clark: I’m sorry mum…
Martha: Don’t be, it’s not your fault.
Lionel: Maybe, you should rest one or two hours…
Martha: Are you laughing?! Two persons were killed! We must do anything! Now!
Lionel: I know, but you are very shocked, Martha! The police has certainly found Alice now…
Martha: I didn’t call the police.
Clark: Didn’t you?
Martha: I was so scared!
Chloe: I call them now!
Clark: It’s useless, this is the sheriff.

Clark opens the door and let the sheriff come on the house.

Martha: Sheriff, something very horrible happened!
Sheriff: I know… Martha Kent you are under arrest for Alice Hawkins’ murder
Chloe: What?!
Lionel: No! She didn’t do anything! You’re wrong!
Sheriff: Maybe but she’s constrained to come with me!
Clark: How can you know that is her?
Sheriff: Somebody saw her get out of Mrs Hawkins’ apartment just after her dead.

Martha and the sheriff arrive to the police post, Clark and Lionel just comes after.

Sheriff: I have find Martha Kent, look after her.
Policeman: Of course, sheriff.

A man is going to get out of the post.

Sheriff: Thanks, Mr Lance! Your testimony was very helpful! We found her.
Man: You’re welcome, sheriff.
Martha: Oh my god! It’s him!
Clark: Who?
Martha: The man who killed the first person at the Talon!
Lionel: Are you sure?!
Sheriff: Forget him! You are the first suspect in this lawsuit! Enclose her!

The policeman takes Martha arm.

Martha: No! You don’t understand! I saw him kill a man!
Policeman: Come on!
Martha: I didn’t do anything!!
Policeman: You must go with me!
Martha: DON’T TOUCH ME!!! Yeah… look at his satisfied smile! I WILL FIND THE TRUTH! YOU SHALL LOSE NOTHING BY WAITING!

An other policeman comes and draws to the cell.

Martha: It’s ok! Let me! I can walk myself!

The two policemen let Martha go one the cell herself.

At the Kent Farm:

Lionel: I don’t understand how it can be happened!
Clark: it’s not by accident, anybody wanted to my mum be arrest…
Lionel: I think I understand… Alice leaved alone on her apartment, nobody was here… To the prison Martha is alone…

Clark looks at Lionel one moment.

Clark: Mum…

Next part, write by Saeshmea!

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 3rd part

Post  Saeshmea on Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:38 pm

Being imprision Martha had too much time to think, and she couldn't forget the image of Alice dead on her bed. "Why her and not me?" thought a while. She didn't want to die, but they both had seen the murdered so she couldn't understand why they haven't killed her too.
Suddenly her cell's door was opened and two big women went in. They seemed to be prisoners too, but they didn't seem really kind.
- Hi - said Martha imagined what they wanted, but trying to distract them - Have you came to wellcome me?
- Yeah! - said the bigger one.
- You can say it that way.
One of them grasped Martha with the two arms while the other took out a rope from her pocket. This one put herself behind Martha and pass it on her neck. Martha tried to get away but it was impossible. The woman who was behind her started to tighten the rope. She couldn't breath. She started to lose her strength. The other woman let her and went to the door to watch. Martha tried to take away the rope from her neck but she hadn't enough force.
Suddenly the girl of the door felt on the floor, then the one who was behind Martha felt too, and she felt as if somebody took her. And that was exactly what happened, Clark had taken her mother on his arms after hit the two women who where atacking her, but he had to went too fast because there where cameras and he couldn't be watched.
Out and far from the prision Clark stopped a while to see how was his mother. He let her on the floor, she had her eyes closed,she seemed to be unconsious and she had the rope mark on her neck.
- Mum? - asked Clark worried - Mum? - tried again. He was caressing her face. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked at her son.
- Clark! - she she broke down and started to cry. Then he hugged Clark - Oh God! I was sure that all was over!
- No, mum, I'm here to protect you, don't worry, let's go home.

At the farm Lionel and Chloe where waiting them really worried, but when they went in...
- Martha!! - exclaimed Lionel so happy, and inmediatly went to hug her - I was really worried about you! But... what's that? - he asked when he saw the mark.
- That's the death footprint. But luckly I'm fine - she smiled.

After make some tea, they sat in the livingroom to speak about what they should do.
- I can't stay here, I should be in prision now, I'm a fugitive now, the police will come here soon. - said Martha.
- That's right, but you can't returned there, because you will be alone. And if they could make that two prisoners atacked you, they could make anything. - said Clark.
- No, they did more, because somebody opened the door, and only the guards can do that. - she was really sceared now, thinking about all what that men were doing to kill her.
- You can stay in my house - said Lionel.
- They will look at there, Lionel, but thanks - said Martha.
- No. I have an apartment in Metropolis which nobody knows, you can hide there from the police. And I will order my best security guards to protect you.
- That's a good idea! - exclaimed Chloe - Isn't it, Clark? Clark?
Clark was concentrated on something.
- Sweetheart, what's going on?
- The police is comming, you should go.
- What?! How did you...?
- I heared them. Come'on! They will be here in ten minutes, they come with the alarms on.
- Let's go, Martha! We're going by my limousine - said Lionel.

Martha and Lionel left with his limousine, and Clark and Chloe tried to seem like if they didn't knew anything about Martha.
- Hi, Sheriff. - said Chloe when she opened the door.
- Stop the game. Where's she?
- Where's who, Sheriff? - asked Clark.
- Where's you mother, Clark? She had run away from the prision.
- What!? - exclaimed Chole and Clark at the same time.
- That's impossible, my mum can't do something like that!
- Sure. But she isn't there, so she must be here. Where's she?
- I will say you again that she isn't here.
The police came in and watched at all the house, but they didn't find Martha so they left.

Some time later Martha and Lionel arrived to his secret apartment in Metropolice. It was really nice and had beutifull views of all the city.
- That's a nice place, Lionel.
- Thanks. But I haven't been here for too many time.
- Really? Why?
- Well, that was Lilian's apartment before marry me, I thought that she had sell it, but when she dead I found out that it still being hers. I couldn't sell it then, so keep it with the many hoses and apartments that I have and I never thought that it would be usefull for something like that...


(( I hope you like it this part!!! The next part will be writted by MarthaLuthor!!!!!!! ))

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 4th Part

Post  MarthaLuthor on Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:07 pm

Martha and Lionel are playing to chess game, but they more talk than they play. Lionel looks at the clock.

Lionel: its late Martha, I will go back to my apartment.
Martha: You will let me alone? I know they can’t find me here but, I can’t feel in security without you or Clark with me…
Lionel: There are two bedrooms here; I can stay with you for the night.
Martha: Thank you so much Lionel… Just this night?
Lionel: All the time until all will be like before.

Martha smile to him but some tears appear on her eyes.

Martha: I’m sorry Lionel.

Martha want to go to her bedroom because she doesn’t Lionel see her cry but he takes her by her arm and she have a good cry. Lionel takes her in his arms.

Martha: I’m so sorry! I don’t understand what is happening to me, and if we don’t find a solution you will be involved on this lawsuit…
Lionel: Martha, we will find a solution! Don’t worry about that, I promise you I will always here for you! Please Martha, don’t cry anymore… I… I hate see you like that.

Lionel wipes off the tears on Martha’s cheeks.

Lionel: Go to bed now…
Martha: I will, but I not sure I will sleep…
Lionel: I understand… You look so tense.
Martha: I am! I really scared.
Lionel: wait…

Lionel walks behind Martha. He puts his hands on her shoulders and starts a massage. Martha closes her eyes. Lionel’s hands are sliding on her back.

Martha: How do you do that? It’s…good.
Lionel: You feel better?
Martha: If I say yes you will stop it?
Lionel: Maybe… Maybe not…

Lionel massages her neck, now.

Martha: Oh god… You have hands of a magician...

Lionel smile and continues to massage her. After a moment Martha takes Lionel hands and gives him a little kiss on his cheek.

Martha: Thanks, I think it’s enough, you’re so adorable, Lionel.

Martha hugs Lionel and he caresses her lovely hair. They sit down on the black leather sofa. They talk again and finish sleeping, Martha on Lionel’s arms.

The morning after Martha wake up but she doesn’t find Lionel. At first she get a little worried but Lionel come back on the apartment any minutes after.

Lionel: Ah! You are wake up! I have bought some things to eat.
Martha: Great! I’m very hungry!

When Martha and Lionel were going to eat somebody knock at the door.

Martha (murmured): I thought nobody knows that you have this apartment!
Lionel: I thought it too… go to the bathroom, at the window there is a fire escape… I’m coming! Go now…
Clark: Mr. Luthor, its Clark.
Martha: Clark! Come on!

Clark opens the door.

Martha: You scared us!
Clark: I’m sorry, I’m just coming for see how you are.
Martha: I’m fine thank you sweetheart.

Martha hugs Clark.

Lionel: It’s a bad idea to come, anybody can saw you.
Clark: I use to my power, there is no problem.
Lionel: Ok, great.
Clark: But there is a problem… a dreadful problem.
Martha: What is it?
Clark: I know who killed the man and Alice.
Martha: Great! Why it’s a problem?
Clark: Because it’s Morgan Edges.
Lionel: What?! It’s not possible, he’s dead.
Clark: He’s not.
Martha: And how can you know that?!
Clark: He said it to me.
Martha: What do you mean?
Clark: I mean what I mean, Morgan Edges comes to me… and there an other very bad thing… He’s a freak.
Martha: He’s contaminated by the kryptonite?
Clark: Yes… So I can’t do anything against him.
Martha: Great! There is absolutely no problem! … Why me! Why he doesn’t let me alone!?
Clark: You were to the wrong place on the wrong moment…

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 5th part

Post  Saeshmea on Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:54 am

After have breakfast Clark was leaving.
M: Where are you going, sweeter?
C: I'm meeting Chloe in ten minutes, we're going to investigate the last activities of Morgan Edges.
M: Ok, be carefull, please - said while she kissed his cheek.
C: It's you who have to be carefull, mum - he hold her hand, and then he left.
M: I'm so worried, Lionel.
L: You needn't be worry, he's a superboy.
M: I know but... he still being my son and... I don't know... - her eyes where wet.
L: Oh.. come on... don't cry now, you have to be hard... all this will finish soon, you will see.
He hugged her and then they went to the livingroom. They sat on the sofa and Lionel took the newspaper. Martha laughed really lovely.
L: Which is the joke?
M: I just remembered when I worked for you... I used to read the newspaper for you every morning, do you remeber?
L: I do.
He opened it while Martha staid at the other side of the sofa looking at him with sweet eyes.
L: Come on, come here!
Martha went next to Lionel, and with his head on his shoulder she started to read loudly for him.

They spent the morning reading and remembering thouse days when Martha worked with him. Suddenly she realized that it was 12.15 and Clark was comming to lunch with Chloe.
M: I should start to cook, right now! - exlaimed.
L: Can I help you?
M: Have you ever cook anything?
L: Well, when I was a child we hadn't any servent to cook for us.
M: So you cook then.
L: No, it was my mother.
They both laught and went to the kitchen. Martha asked Lionel to preppear the salad, because that was an easy thing.
While they were cooking they where speaking about the past, about the school times... and...
M: How did you and Lilian meet each other?
L: It was in a boring party, I invited her to drink something, she accepted, and nine months later I had Lex in my arms.
M: Oh...
L: I know, it wasn't like your romantic break-out with a Smallville's farmer, but with the time we loved each other too much. She was a great woman...
M: She should be...
L: Why are you saying that?
M: Because you're a great man.
Suddenly Lionel scream.
M: What happened? - she turned roung to him - Oh my god!
Lionel had cut himself on the hand. Martha asked him to sit and she cured the injury. Then she bandaged it perfectly, and slowly. They where so closed. With the other hand Lionel caressed Martha's cheek.
L: Thank you... - he whispered.
M: You haven't to thanks me nothing
They where looking at each other. They could felt the other's breath. Their lips were almost touching, almost kissing... RING!!!
L: Crap!
M: What's that?
L: My mobile phone, sorry. - he ansered it - Yeah?. What's going on?. A fire?. Where?. Oh my god! Is everybody ok?!. Ok.ok. I'm comming.
M: What's the matter? - asked worried for Lionel's face.
L: I should go... There... there have been a fire on one of the Luthor corp's lab and...
M: Ok.
L: I should go... I... No. No. No. I should stay here with you.
She smiled.
M: I will be fine. Clark will come soon. They need you there...

After Lionel closed the door somebody nocked it. Martha thought that it was him again and opened it.
It was Morgan Edge.
M.E.: Hello, Mrs. Kent, do you remember me?
Martha wanted to close the door but he put his hand on it and it broke.
M: Oh my god!
M.E.: Yeah, I changed a little in that exploison...


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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 6th part

Post  MarthaLuthor on Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:34 pm

Morgan Edges was like before with his blond hair and his worrying blue eyes. Edges takes Martha by her arm and come on the apartment.

Martha: Let me alone!
Morgan Edges: I’m sorry, but I can’t. I never let in life an eye-witness…

Martha wanted to run away but he slaps her on her face and she’s propelled through the room. Martha is elongated on the ground; Edges catch her hair and makes her to lift. Martha shouts out because it’s dolorous.

Morgan Edges: If you want to be a bad girl, we can wait your son (he takes out a kryptonite to his pocket and he put it in front of Martha eyes) …or you can kindly go with me.
Martha: I will… don’t do anything to Clark…
Morgan Edges: but I will, it’s my project, but not now, we haven’t the time.
Clark: So, you should find time.
Morgan Edges: Oh… Kal.
Clark: My name is Clark Kent, I recommend to you to get away from my mum.
Martha: No Clark! Get out! He has Kryp…

Suddenly, Morgan strangles Martha.

Morgan Edges: Don’t talk if you want to stay in life.
Clark: Don’t touch her!

Clark wanted to punch him but Edges takes his kryptonite and strikes Clark on his stomach. Morgan Edges releases Martha and continues to strike Clark.

Martha: No! Please… Let him go. I will do all of what you want!
Morgan Edges: You will…

Edges strikes Clark a last time, and Clark is throw through a window and he fall down of the building. Martha run to the window but Edges takes her by her waist.

Morgan Edges: No, you come with me!
Martha: Claaark! CLARK!! No! Release me, son of the bitch!

Martha takes him at kick-of but he doesn’t let her go.

Two hours later, Lionel comes back to his apartment but when he sees the destroyed door, Lionel feel a big fear invade him. Lionel call Clark but Clark phone was ringing on the ground.

Lionel: God, no…

Lionel calls Chloe.

Chloe: Mr. Luthor?
Lionel: Chloe, I… I think it’s too late.
Chloe: Excuse me?
Lionel: Morgan Edges has Martha… and I think Clark is…

Lionel sees the broken window. Lionel run to it but somebody appears behind him. Lionel get afraid but when he turns around he see Clark.

Lionel: Son, you… you’re alright?
Clark: I am but he has my mum.
Lionel: I know…

Lionel hugs Clark for comfort him.

Lionel: We will find her, I promise.

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 7th part

Post  Saeshmea on Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:10 am

Chloe arrived not too many time later. Lionel had left their conversation by the phone and she was worried about Martha and Clark. She found Clark putting the door in it's place again, and Lionel cleaning up some crystals from the floor.
Chloe - What had happened here? A tornado?
Clark - No, it was worst, it was Morgan Edge and his new powers.
Chloe - Wow!
L: He took Martha with him, and we don't know where.
Chloe: Maybe I do.
Lionel and Clark at the same time: What!?
Chloe: I have been investigating more and he bought a yacht some months ago, his new direccion is in the port, so it seems to be his home.
Clark disappeared in front of them.
L: That's really great, Miss. Sulivan, you made a good work. I have to go now.

Some minutes before, Morgan Edges and Martha Kent had arrived to a big yacht moored at the Metropolis' port. There were four men guarding the entrance, and too many armed guys watching from the deck.
M.E.: Do you like my home, Mrs. Kent? - asked him prettending to seem kind. She didn't answer, he was holding her from her arm and he was hurting her - Because it will be your tomb... - he laught. She was scared.
Then he took her inside the yacht. It was enormous, fulled of expensive paintings and furnitures. It was like a big apartment, but it was on the watter. They stopped in what seemed the livingroom, and he closed the door. Marta still feeling the slap he gave her in Lionel's apartment.
M: What do you want from me?
M.E.: "What do I want?" What do you think I can want from somebody who betrayed me, and said that I was a murder?
M: That's what you are! - she couldn't control herself thinking on the poor Alice dead.
Upset with her, he punched her and she crashed into the table, moving it two meters back. Then she felt on the floor complitely sore.
M.E.: Oh my god! Have I hurt you? - he asked acting as if he was worried for her.
Martha tried to rised herself.
M: You haven't - said making herself brave.
Then he seized her from her hair and dragged her down to a crystal cupboard. He stopped there and then he pushed her against it. Martha screamed, all her body was full of cuts bleeding, and some crystals still in her skin when Morgan Edges pushed her to the floor.
M.E.: How about now? Have I hurt you this time?
M: You can kill me, if that's what you want, but you will not see me crying of pain. I will not pleased you that way.
Then he took her from her neck.
M.E.: Listen to me, Mrs. Kent, it doesn't matter how long will it take to me, but I will make you cry of pain before you die, I promise you.
Clark, from the other side of the room, he had just apperared: You should eat your words, Morgan, because she's a really brave woman.
M.E.: Clark?! I thought I had left you lying on the road.
Clark: That's true, but I came back. Now, let my mum and fight with somebody who's like you.
M.E.: That isn't exactly true, Clark, you aren't like me, because I can hold this green stone on my hand, and you cannot.
Morgan Edges had taken out a cryptonite and was showing it to Clark. Martha tried to keep it away from him, but Morgan slaps her and she felt three meters back.
Then Mr. Edges asked for his guys and two of them came in. They tied up Clark and then they took him out of the room with the cryptonite.
Martha was nearly unconcious on the floor when Morgan Edges went out too and closed the door. Before left Martha, he went near her and whispered on her ear.
M.E.: I will be back soon. If you try anything I will kill him, and then I will make you to live a hell...


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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:41 am

oh my!! this is so good so far!!! Cool

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:54 pm

I agree it's really good!

Oh my! pale and now, what's going to happen?

I can't even believe it

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 8th part

Post  MarthaLuthor on Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:52 pm

When Morgan Edges goes away from the room, Martha looks around her and sees nobody. Then, she cries. She cries for her son, for her pain, for Lionel. She knows that he’s going to come and she knows that Morgan Edges was waiting for him. Martha howls, elongated on the ground. Martha tries to lift up but the glass on her hand and her back stop her.

Martha: Why! why… I just want save my son… and I will.

Martha see an air vent, she lift up and go in this. During this time, Clark was alone on a room, seated close to a wall, with the kryptonite next to him. Morgan Edges comes.

Morgan Edges: So Kal… I should ask you anything.
Clark: I told you my name was Clark.
Morgan Edges: It doesn’t matter and I call you how I want. Where he will come?
Clark: Who?
Morgan Edges: Lionel Luthor, cretin…
Clark: I don’t know…
Morgan Edges: Tell me! Or you mum will learn to swim.
Clark: He’s coming…
Morgan Edges: Thanks…

Edges takes the stone and slaps Clark with it.

Martha was creeping on the air vent. She arrived to room where Clark is. She see Morgan Edges getting out and when he close the door she get out of the air vent. Martha runs next to Clark and get the stone away from him.

Clark: Mum?
Martha: Shut… don’t say anything. We must go…

Morgan Edges wanted to see Martha but he find a empty room.

Morgan Edges: Bitch!

Edges go to Clark’s room; Martha was helping Clark to lift up.

Morgan Edges: Are you going anywhere?

Morgan Edges gathers the kryptonite on the ground and gives it to one of his men. Edges takes his belt and roll up it around Martha neck. He knocks over Martha and pulls her by the belt. Martha can’t breathe. Morgan Edges go to the kitchens and ask to the cooks to get out. Edges takes Martha’s hand and put it on the frying-pan which is burning. Martha howls.

Morgan Edges: I’m not satisfied to you, Mrs. Kent. I’M NOT!
Martha: You like it, huh? Hurt a poor defenseless woman? You’re piteous.

Morgan Edges dishwashing Martha’s head on the washbasin full of water.

Morgan Edges: If I am piteous, how are you? …oh yeah! Dead!

Edges draws Martha on the cold room and attach her hands with his belt. He hangs her and tears off her skirt.

Martha: What are you doing?
Morgan Edges: I want to know if you can resist in a cold room, I’m not sure. You get me on nerves.

Morgan Edges goes take a water bucket and cast it on Martha. He changed the cold room present temperature for a temperature colder.

Morgan Edges: Farewell, Mrs. Kent!
Martha: I’m sorry! I… I want you let my son go away!
Morgan Edges: I will not.
Martha: Please! Don’t let me here! I… PLEASE!!!

Morgan Edges close the door and it’s the dark. Martha is shaking and afraid, all of her body was painful. Martha does something that she didn’t do since a long time. She prays. She prays for her son and Lionel. She was at death’s door.

Lionel just coming to carriage where Morgan Edges’ ship was. Lionel enters on the boat and start to find where Martha and Clark were. He see an alone Edges’ man. Lionel put his gun on his head.

Lionel: Where is the senator?
Man: What the hell are you doing here!?
Lionel: Reply to me!
Man: Kitchens…

Lionel stuns the man with his gun and run to the kitchens. Lionel had some difficulties to find the kitchens but when he comes on them, he starts to shears Martha. She wasn’t here and he sees the cold room. Lionel go on it, he sees Martha still hanged. He takes her on his arms and put her on the ground of the kitchen. He covers her with his coat.

Lionel: Martha, do you hear me?
Martha: Lionel?
Lionel: I’m here.
Martha: Please, save Clark and get away with him.
Lionel: I will but I must help you before.
Martha: No… He will kill him.
Lionel: Martha, he will be fine, but you need help.
Martha: I’m sorry Lionel. Morgan Edges is so strong. You can’t save me and Clark. Let me die alone…
Lionel: Absolutely not!
Martha: Save him, Save Clark, he doesn’t need to die like that! I don’t want him to die by my fault! Alice’s death was enough! I will can’t stand if something happen to Clark or you! (She cries)
Lionel: I can’t leave you, Martha, I’m sorry… I need you. I need you so much.
Martha: Kiss me…
Lionel: What?
Martha: Don’t make me ask again…

Lionel tilts and kisses Martha. It was a sweet kiss but Martha takes his hand and murmurs to his ear:

Martha: finish off me…

Lionel violently let Martha’s hand. How can she ask him that? He couldn’t believe that Martha Kent forsakes everything. What the hell Morgan Edges did to her. Lionel’s head start to be painful.

Lionel: I will save you, you and your son.
Martha: Lionel…

Lionel get out of the room and runs on the corridor. One man stops him but Lionel takes him by his neck and lifts him.

Lionel: Where is Morgan Edges?! WHERE IS HE!

The man show an other corridor with his finger and Lionel throw him onto a wall. Lionel is surprised by his new strength.

Lionel: Jor-El, I need you. I need your power for save your son… for save Martha. I need your power for kill the man who wanted to kill you son!

Lionel feel a violent dolor on his body, he punch the wall next to him and let an enormous hole.

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:04 pm

wow!! this just keeps getting better!
i like all the action in this story. Cool

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:32 pm

Go SuperLionel!!! Laughing

A fanfic full of action! I love it!!!

I can't even believe it

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty 9th part

Post  Saeshmea on Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:02 am

Lionel was looking for Edges in each room of the yacht, when he find Clark with a piece of cryptonite with him.
L: Clark! Dont worry!
He removed the cryptonite, but...
C: Go away... - tried to shout Clark, but he hadn't enought force.
Morgan Edges was behind the door with a gun. He shooted Lionel, but he stopped the bullet with his hand.
M.E.: What fuck...?!
L: Are you surprised?
M.E.: I will kill you anyway!
Lionel took him from his shoulders and pushed him towards a wall. They made a big hole on the wall and fall to the watter. Fortunatly that was a big yacht and that room wasn't under the watter.

Clark tried to keep away from him that little green brightly stone. He was moving it with his foot and finally the piece of cryptonite fall to the watter. But he was too tired, and too hurt to move.

Lionel need to went out from the water to breath a while. Edges follow him, he also needed to breath.
M.E.: I killed her, Lionel!
L: You don't! I took her out from that cold room!
M.E.: Great! That way I will be able to get fun with him after kill you and her son!
Lionel knew that he couldn't kill him hurting him because he was as stron as Clark, but maybe...
He went towards him with all his force and pushed him to the watter again. Lionel hide himself, and when Edges was looking around there for Lionel, he surprised him from his back and hold him hard to don't let him to go out the watter. He was going to drown him.
Some minutes later Edges was almost dead and Lionel started to lose his force.

Meanwhile, Clark was looking for her mother on the yacht rooms. Finally he found her covered of blood on the floor.
C: Mum!
M: Honey... - she couldn't speak - where's Lionel?
C: Don't talk, mum. I will take you away from here...
He took her. Her body was too cold.

When they arrived to the cover he saw two of Edges's guys watching to the watter. When they saw him they tried to run away. Clark left his mother on the floor and took one of the guys.
C: Where's your boss?
The man: I don't know...
C: I have asked you something, do you want to sweem, or do you preffer to answer?
The man: They are in the watter!
C: They?!
The man: The boss and Luthor...
Clark let the man fall on the floor and jumped into the watter. There he found to bodies floating. He took Lionel's and let it on the cover floor.
M: How is him? - she said worried.
C: He's dead, mum... - he said sad.
M: He can't be dead! - Martha sat up - You can't be dead, do you listened to me, Lionel?!
C: Mum, he can't hear you. He's dead. And you're hurt! I have to take you to a hospital!
M: No. No. No. I will not move from here until he hold my hand!
She started to cry, and with her little forces she did him the mouth-to-mouth.
M: Come on Lione, don't let me now!
C: Mum! He's dead!
M: He doesn't!!
She continued doing him the mouth-to-mouth, but she couldn't breath as well.
Finally he started to cought.
M: Lionel!
L: Martha?!
They joind their hands.
C: I can't belive that!
M: Oh, Lionel, you're... you're...
Martha fainted.
C: Mum!
L: Martha!
She had finally lost all her forces.

The next day... Lionel visited Martha at the hospital.
L: Hi!
M: Lionel! What a surprise! Come in! Clark had just left.... - she was smiling since the moment he entered.
L: I buy this to you... - it was a roses bouquet - I know it's not an original present, but I didn't know what to give to somebody who almost die frozen. - he laughed, she too.
M: Thanks. It's perfect. But you needn't to...
L: Oh, no... of course I had to... you saved my life, Clark told me that he thought I was dead...
M: Well... you also saved my life...
They were both blushed. Lionel sat on the bed near her.
L: I just could think that I couldn't live without you...
M: When I saw you almost dead in front of me I couldn't think that I didn't want to lose you...
L: I need you, Martha...
They were so closed, they were almost joining their lips, and was Martha who moved a little and kissed him.
M: I love you - she whispered.
Then he took the kiss back to her.
L: I love you too...
Then they hugged.

THE END I love you I love you I love you

( I hope you enjoy this end too much, because I was as silly that I was to writte it twice Embarassed Crying or Very sad Razz )

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:27 am

that was so sweet!
and this time martha got to be the hero
and saved lionel!! Smile

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:17 am

It's an awesome way to end the story!!!
Sooo beautiful I love you I love you I love you They saved each other!

I can't even believe it

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Don't Worry, Love....

Post  MarthaLuthor on Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:49 pm

It's a new commune fic between Saeshmea and me! Enjoy!


Standing in font of a thousand of people, Martha feels her legs shake but nobody know that. She smiles, with a warm smile. She was afraid, and she cry a little before comes on the scene. Nobody will know that because when arrived, she was perfect.
A lot of applauses greet her.

Martha: Thanks! I’m very happy to be here tonight, because… I would to say thank you to the entire person who enable me to be what I am now… my husband and you.

There is an applauses tempest. Martha keeps her beautiful smile.

Martha: It isn’t enough to simply give when we can. Upholding the principles of truth, justice and American way isn’t a matter of convenience. It’s a matter of conscience and…

There is enormous nose and everybody screams except Martha. She totters before see a red mark on her white jacket. Our senator collapses on the floor. It’s so dolorous and she can’t cry. Two guys come to her with their guns and protect her. They takes her away from here but the dolour becoming to violent, she closes her eyes and she becomes unconscious.

Two weeks later

Clark and Lana where alone at the farm Kent waiting for Lois. She will not be long. She comes on the kitchen where Clark and Lana were.

Lois: I meet somebody on the road, we will be five tonight.

A radiant Martha comes on the house; her arms were tight to Clark.

Clark: Mum!

He hugs her a long moment, he missed her. After this Martha hugs Lois and Lana.

Lois: I’m surprises that you are alone?
Martha: Why?
Lois: Is there good guys to Washington?
Martha: Oh… No don’t worry. I have call Lionel, I will not dinner with you, I let you between young people!
Lana: That’s too bad!
Lois: I see…
Martha: What?
Lois: I’m sorry Smallville, but your mother will not forget Lionel!
Martha: Maybe… but he’s coming, he was at the Luthor’ mansion.
Lionel: Not now…

Martha turns around and sees a once familiar figure appeared at the back door.

Martha: You’re here!

Martha hugs him and stay on his arms. Clark looks at them devolved. He knows they have feelings for each other. Clark surprises himself when he realizes that if his mother and Lionel were together, Clark will happy for them. Because He is sure of one thing: Lionel changes. Lois’s phone draws him out oh his thoughts.

Lois: Chloe? What are you talking about?!
Lana: Is something wrong?
Lois: It’s impossible! She’s here!
Clark: What’s happen?
Lois: Everybody believe you are dead!

Lois looks at Martha. Nobody understands what’s happening. Everybody look at Martha, waiting for explanation.

Martha: Ok… I will explain you everything. Make coffee, it will be long!


MαrthαLuth0r, next part by Sαeshmeα!

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Don't worry, love - 2

Post  Saeshmea on Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:40 pm

Everybody was sitting in the living room, with a cup of coffee in their hands. Everybody, except Martha, who had been walking round the room since Chloe call to Lois (that was a few minutes before).
Lois: So… will you finally tell us what’s going on? Or would we need to oblige you… - said Lois as funny as always.
Clark: Lois!
Martha: Sure I will do… - Martha was playing with her hands, which were shaking.
Lionel stood up and run towards her, he hold her hands and look at her worried eyes.
Lionel: Why don’t you take a sit and speak with us, your friends and family, about your problems…? – He was really nice saying this. Martha smiled to him and he walked her to the armchair. She sat down and he sat next to her and he put his right arm around her shoulders, and hold her hand with his other one.
Martha: This nightmare started two weeks ago… and I thought that it would finish soon. But it hasn’t.
Clark: Ok mum… you will have to tell us something more – he smiled sarcastically – because we don’t understand anything – He was sitting between Lois and Lana and they both agree with him.
Before continue, Martha looked at Lionel looking for some comprehension, and she found it in his eyes.
Martha: I was making an speech when somebody shoot me.
Clark, Lois, Lana and Lionel at the same time: WHAT!?
Lionel: Did it touch you?
Martha: Yes, it did. It touched my shoulder.
Lionel quickly move away from her thinking that maybe he had been hurting her.
Martha: Don’t worry, Lionel – she smiled – You weren’t hurting me, it’s on the other shoulder.
She removed a little the neck of her blouse to let them see the injury of the bullet.
Lana: Oh my god!
Lois: Does it hurt you?
Clark: I will kill who did this to you!
Lionel didn’t say anything, he was impressed of that women’s fortitude.
Martha: Being honest, at that moment I was too much scared to feel any hurt. Then, at the hospital… yeah! It hurt a lot. Now it doesn’t, unless I touch it. – She put her look up and saw how that three young people where watching her injury with worry in their eyes. – I’m fine. Really… don’t worry.
Clark: They catch the man who did it. Didn’t they?
Martha: They couldn’t. That’s why everybody has to think that I’m dead.
Lana: Why?!
Martha: The security agents thought that I would be more secure if the killer thought that they had done their work. So, instead of you, Chloe, and them, everybody believes that the Senator Kent was killed.
Clark: That’s why you came here?
Martha: Not exactly – she answered as a little girl lying to her parents.
Lionel: What do you mean? – She just moved her look away from all of them – Martha?
Martha: Yeah?!
Lionel: Martha, do your security guards that you’re here?
She bit softly her lip.
Clark: Mum… answer please.
Martha: No – it was a shyly “no”.
Clark: NO?! – he stood up suddenly by the surprise.
Lionel: Honey you should asked them… How about if who wants to see you dead had find you?!
Martha: He hadn’t. He’s sure that I’m dead. I’m a ghost walking by the streets. – she laugh taking away the seriousness of the trouble.
Clark: Why have you been as irresponsible, mum? Do you want to die? Do you?
Martha: No! Of course I don’t! But they had me closed in a little flat and I couldn’t call anyone or go out… That was enough for me and I escape from the window…
Lois: Wow!! You’re a surprising woman, Mrs. Kent!!
Martha: Thanks – she smiled.
After some laughs of the three women, the two men came in action.
Lionel: Ok. I will phone your security guards boss and I will try to discuss with him what to do.
Clark: I will look if there’s anybody not welcome around the house. Girls, could you close all the doors and windows.
Martha: Great! I have run away from a flat-prison to come to a house-prison – She smiled while everybody went out the living room, and when all for couldn’t see her, she put her hand on her injury because it was hurting her a lot.


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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post on Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:50 pm

martha is one brave woman!
i can't wait for more of this story! Smile

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  MarthaLuthor on Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:47 am

Lionel was alone on the porch when Martha comes.

Martha: Did you call my security guards boss?
Lionel: I can’t join him.
Martha: He doesn’t matter, I prefer if nobody knows…
Lionel: Martha, you can’t stay with this situation!
Martha: I know! But we can wait a little.
Lionel: And what “a little” mean for you?
Martha: some months…
Lionel: I will call your security guards and you will stay on my apartment, nobody will find you here, so we will find a solution.
Martha: I don’t think it’s a good idea.
Lionel: Stay here isn’t too! They will find that you still alive and I don’t to know what will happen next…
Martha: you’re right…

Martha and Lionel sit down on the bench next to them. Martha moves a little her shoulder because it’s hurt her.

Lionel: You’re okay?
Martha: I am but it’s a little dolorous. Thanks Lionel.
Lionel: for what?
Martha: You had promise me to be always here for me, and it’s what you do.

She put a little kiss on his cheek and they smile to each other.

Martha explains to Clark what Lionel said. Clark agrees her decision Lana and Lois too. Clark and Lana go out and Martha and Lois were alone in the kitchen.

Lois: I know what why you want to go at Lionel’s.
Martha: He thinks nobody will find me there…
Lois: No! You want to be alone with, because you are worried about Clark’s reaction if you want to be with Lionel.
Martha: And how can you know if I want to be with Lionel if I don’t know what I want.
Lois: Mrs. Kent, you’re a pretty woman. If you wanted, you could find a lot of men at Washington!
Martha: I don’t want a lot of men.
Lois: You know Lionel; you can try with, if you don’t like to be with him, you can stop it. Lionel will understand.
Martha: but it will be different… I really love our friendship. I can’t risk to lose everything… but it’s true… a part of me really want to be with him but an other part still loving Jonathan!

When she said that, Martha didn’t suspect that Lionel was just coming at the door. Lois and Martha didn’t saw him.

Lois: so… you love him?
Martha: I don’t know…
Lois: It’s not complicate Mrs. Kent, do you fell these butterfly on your stomach when he’s next to you? Or when he takes your hand? Or just when he looks at you?

Martha laughs a little.

Lois: I think yes… because when he has put his arm around your shoulders, you have blushed.
Martha: I haven’t.
Lois: If I had had a camera, I toke a picture.
Martha: OK I believe you, but Lois, maybe Lionel don’t love me.
Lois: Hum... I don’t think so! I’m sure he can take his life for you.

Lionel wanted to walk away from the house but he comes on the kitchen.

Lionel: Are you ready, Martha?

Lionel startles Lois and Martha.

Martha: Lionel! Oh hum, I am!
Lois: We were just talking about you.

Martha takes an elbow shock on Lois stomach and Lionel try to be surprised. Martha starts to blush.

Lionel: Oh really! And about what?
Martha: Jor-El connection! Oh shit!
Lois: Who?
Martha: I mean Lionel’s clothing taste! Yeah I mean Josh Hair! I made a slip of my tongue! Josh Hair is a very great hair-dresser!
Lionel: Oh yeah! Well thanks, Martha!

Martha’s face was very red. She prefers to be quiet because she had said enough foolish things. Lionel doesn’t want to bore her any more.

Lionel: We should go now.
Martha: Excellent idea.



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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

Post  I can't even believe it on Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:59 pm

I like how this story is going on! I look forward to reading the next part!!!

I can't even believe it

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FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea Empty Re: FanFiction by MarthaLuthor & Saeshmea

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